Thursday, October 21, 2010

Widgets and fidgets

The lovely Lucy Felthouse has set up a grand new site - Erotica for All is a destination for writers and readers of all things sex. Check out my author profile here, and if you have a good poke about you'll find lots of free reads and other interesting stuffs.
Meanwhile, lately it's felt like the internet has been sucking my brain out through my eyeballs. So I've been avoiding it somewhat and playing in the autumn leaves, instead. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Notes from the wayside

Today I have some time in the studio.

Little time.

I am getting somewhere. I know this blog is the wrong place to put this stuff. What I'm trying to do today is break through the walls I've made. Maybe cross pollination is in order. Maybe one needs, sometimes, to go over an edge to get anywhere.

Anyway. I'm trying to marry imagined forms and observed landscapes. I'm trying to scratch my way through the paint to find the picture. It's muddy and messy and I feel a little unhinged.

The best time is when there are so many voices in your head you learn to ignore the fuckers. Eventually, they drown each other out.

Saturday, October 09, 2010


Writing time is inbetween time right now.

When the baby's asleep, when everything else is not threatening to drive me insane. I write. Sometimes I write in my head, while staring at a wall and doing something else.

Because there's a lot more to writing than laying words on paper. As I'm studying, as I'm working on exercises and thinking about character, story and words, I feel keys turn in locks, ships change course by degrees, and realise, every so often, that writing and life are so deeply and closely intertwined that one cannot help but affect and be affected by the other.

So now is the time, mostly, for sketching out plans, dreaming big and vague, and stripping everything back to look at what makes it all work (or not work.)

Next year, I hope to write novels.

Monday, October 04, 2010

A room of one's own

So - torrential rain all weekend. I had a grand total of four visitors that were people I had not personally invited. One of them wanted to buy a painting, but wouldn't spend more than £30. I made a breathtaking total of six pounds, (postcards) balanced against the considerable cost of taking part, insurance, printing, signmaking, cooking and all the hours of sweat, stress and toil. Also, the baby didn't sleep this weekend. At all. So, neither did I.

On the other hand - so many dear friends and family turned up, helped out, cooked, sat, played with the baby, ate, drank, laughed and washed up. My lovely neighbours all visited, even the dear old Mrs with both walking sticks who had to be helped up into the studio. The show looked fucking lovely, even if few people saw it. My new studio is now open and shiny and waiting for me to move in and start work. It's properly had its head wetted. This is the kind of weekend that I live for, really. It's been very special and I am very, very lucky.

Thanks to all of you for your virtual wishes! The event was a fiasco of sorts, it's true, but a really lovely fiasco from where I'm sitting.