Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Writing that touches

Kirsten Monroe

It's a new year and I'm feeling a buzz of excitement. I'm hoping for great things in 2009 - like stumbling upon writers whose work fires my imagination and surprises me. Especially ones who share recipes and ice-melting stories!

Welcome Kirsten Monroe, and her sweet pleasure pineapple ...

Why do you write?

Ever since I can remember, stories of one kind or another have bubbled and fizzed about in my mind. The pressure builds until I finally get them out. I have boxes of journals. I write down everything. I find lots of wonder in the world – in every little thing, really. I find life incredibly arousing, hilarious, and miraculous, and all of that excitement translates into stories. It's said that the universe is not made of molecules, but of stories. I love that! I enjoy nothing more than letting all of those pent-up words out.

In fact, the imagining and then the act of writing can feel like a sexual experience, though much less slippery. It's fun, it feels good, it's free, it's environmentally friendly, it makes me smile, it helps me focus, and it's good for the complexion – or maybe that's just sex. Beyond the creativity, being able to express myself in a way that feels natural, and knowing that my words made an impression or touched someone in some way is just – wow! That's so powerful. It's like being able to make the wind blow! (A very stiff wind if I've done it right).

Is there something in particular that you'd like to express?

I like to express the wonder, texture, taste, feel, delight and "joie de vivre". Sexuality & sensuality – love, passion, desire, and lust – are all so important to who we are as human beings and are richly and deeply intertwined within the human experience. My writing can be dark, my characters downright dirty, but I tend towards lighter pieces. Regardless, I always want my dishes to taste good, smell good, and look good! Around every corner, it seems, is a new sensual experience.

I get a big thrill out of cooking – combining flavors, and experimenting with textures and presentation and taste. It's similar with writing sex and erotica. I especially love knowing that the way I string words together can stir a reader's mind
and body. A friend once read a piece of mine and said, "Damn, I need to go punch the clown!" Now that is a high compliment.

What is the most successful piece or work you feel you've written, and why?

I was thrilled to have a piece published at Clean Sheets – "Mustang Sally." I really enjoyed writing it and the story itself really gets to the heart of my rebellious, fun-loving side and delight and pursuit of love, happiness, and a sex-positive culture. I am also very excited about a story titled "Road Trip" that will be in Sacchi Green's upcoming anthology, Girl Crazy. It's my first published lesbian erotica piece and is another one that just kind of spilled out like magic.

Please name a recent thought, event, person or whatever that inspired you:

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to see Susie Bright recently in Portland. I was there with my longtime sexy friend Shanna Germain and it was just such a surreal, awesome, delightful evening. Susie and Shanna are both incredible, amazing, funny, sexually enlightened, empowered women. I was completely star-struck. I woke up the next morning and felt so alive and fulfilled and inspired by the experience and realized I'd come full circle in a long journey.

Years ago writing sex felt awkward. One day Shanna (who is also an amazing teacher) was literally rolling on the floor over one of my sex scenes. The words were stilted and shy and embarrassed. I never used the word "fuck" and I couldn't bring myself to use naughty body part names. I'd written something like, "Oh yes. Oh baby. I want you to wrap your lips around my sweet pleasure pineapple down there." Anyway, Shanna basically told me to get some balls and stop being afraid to put the juicy stuff on paper. She said, "Don't turn away from it. Don't look away from the fucking."

So….about six years later, yeah, a really long time, with the encouragement of Shanna and a male writer friend (you rock Sam!) I took a swig of whiskey, looked the sex square in the eye and said, "Bend over bitch. It's time." I have a long ways to go as a writer, but I feel like I'm finally making forward progress and having lots of fun as well.


In addition to writing, I enjoy endurance & trail running, travel & outdoor adventures, cooking, of course, sailing, and goofing off as much as possible. I'm a mom of two scrappy boys and wife (of 15 years!) My husband is a lot sweeter and less naughty than I am, but he appreciates the fun of keeping things spicy…..and he loves my cooking. I also can't resist a fun wig – or red licorice! I keep a blog at www.aphrodites-table.blogspot.com.

I'd also like to say how grateful and thankful I am to the erotica community for being so incredibly supportive and welcoming newcomers to the genre with open arms. I have been absolutely blown away by the encouragement and kindness that's been offered by so many.

Hey, it's a pleasure Kirsten! Thanks so much for kicking off 2009. Next week I'll be interviewing the kissable Kristina Wright. Join me!


Nikki Magennis said...

'I find life incredibly arousing, hilarious, and miraculous'

Yay! That's what I loved about your writing when I first found it, Kirsten. The playfulness and delight just brims and spills over.

Craig Sorensen said...

I can relate to so many things that you said here Kirsten. For years I toyed with erotic ideas, sometimes holding back to the point of the ridiculous, I know how wonderful it feels to finally let loose and be yourself.

You keep writing wonderful erotica like you gave us with "Mustang Sally" and rest assured I'll be out here to read it.

Thank you, Nikki, for bringing us a new voice in erotica who I'm sure we'll hear more from in the near future.

Smut Girl said...


And the interview too, but I laughed and smiled with my much needed coffee when that happy life loving face popped up on my screen.

Happy Friday. We're thrilled to embrace you, KM ;)

p.s. Congrats on USA release, Nikki, just had to add you to my TBB list :)

Jeremy Edwards said...

One day Kirsten showed up in the erotic-writing world, and it was as if I'd stepped out onto the deck in the morning to find a beautiful new tree on the landscape, tall and distinctive and replete with intricate, surprising twists and turns in its fluidly sinuous trunk, and bearing a magical assortment of fruits whose sweetness I could taste from across the meadow. I rubbed my ... eyes. "Where did this come from?"

When I read KM's full-throttle adventures in erotic sensation and descriptive surprise, I feel extra-especially alive. Her pen is like one of those mythic paintbrushes that streaks the whole rainbow at once—only with Kirsten you never see the same color twice.

P.S. My spamword is clumso. I didn't realize the word verification robot knew me so well!

Nikki Magennis said...

This is the story that hooked me on Kirsten's wonderful blog:


I absolutely adore the imagery and the agility of the writing. And the sudden dip into a recipe is sheer brilliance.

Here's my latest wish: *screws up eyes and wishes hard* I'd love to read a recipe book written by Kirsten and Donna George Storey.

Janine Ashbless said...

writing can feel like a sexual experience, though much less slippery

lol! What a great interview - so full of life. Now I'm off to read some Kirsten stories

Erobintica said...

Great interview! I loved the line "Bend over bitch. It's time." About sums up where I'm at with this sex writing thing.

Gonna have to speed up my "chores" for today so I can get to some fun reading.

Jeremy Edwards said...

I really am a clumso, because I signed off too soon, without saying these other things I meant to say:

1. Kirsten is sooooo much fun to horse around with!

2. Nikki, you are such an awesome host!

[Now my spamword is prjevocc. I'm not sure which Slavic language that's from, but clearly it pertains to subvocal linguistics.

Kirsten Monroe said...

You are all too much. Sommer, the fact that my goofy picture is making you smile is making me smile. BIG!

Thanks again Nikki -- this is fun. What's the expression out in the country -- "haven't had this much fun since the pig ate my little brother."


ps -- Just got in from a walk and the owls are going crazy this morning. Made me think of you out there in the wilds Nikki!

Neve Black said...

I can feel the effervescence of Kirsten's personality in each and every word she writes: "bubble and fizz over in my mind."

I think she's one of the most dazzling persons I've yet to physically meet: talented writer, loving mother, sexy wife, generous friend, amazing cook, expressive artist, lover of dogs, joyful adventuress...Okay, I could go on and on here.

Like so many of the wonderful erotic writers I've met in the blogland world, I hope to spend time with Kirsten - cooking something wonderful, collaborating a story, spending time in her shed (happiest place in the world), or getting matching hair-do's!

Kirsten, you rock my erotic days and nights, chica! Thank you for being my friend. In case I never told you - I'm in awe of your talent and lovliness.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Kirsten and Nikki. :-)

Craig Sorensen said...

Nikki said:

Here's my latest wish: *screws up eyes and wishes hard* I'd love to read a recipe book written by Kirsten and Donna George Storey.

I would buy that book so freaking fast. Are you listening, ladies?

Kirsten Monroe said...

He-he, yes, listening, listening. A recipe book with Donna George Storey....it's just too delicious of an idea to even seem possible. Makes me all squirmy just thinking about.

....and I just had the happiest thought of us all in my shed drinking whiskey, smoking cigars and wearing matching mullet wigs.

spamword: ackwelta -- must be a tasty Scottish dish of some sort.

Nikki Magennis said...

Ha! I'd love to go to a party in your shed, Kirsten!
Only, *ahem* if you all are having 'e' in your whisky I'll bring a lightstick and some mentholated lotion.

Kirsten Monroe said...

Um whisky it is!

spamword: kousnedu -- what happens when you light mentholated lotion?

Craig Sorensen said...

I'm one with the mullet wig.

Nikki Magennis said...

what happens when you light mentholated lotion?

this! Maybe? I don't know, we should do experiments.

Kirsten Monroe said...

Oh wow. I have the urge to blend me some sticks, then paint myself with that stuff and run around.

EllaRegina said...

Kirsten, great interview!

Your writing is so rich, so textured. I could just EAT IT!


Kirsten Monroe said...

Gosh, I love the thought of hungry people nom-nom-nomming (sound one makes when eating something tasty) on my words.

Thanks again so much Nikki and everyone. A highlight of my life!


Emerald said...

That picture just exactly matches the impression I've had of you, Kirsten! Lol!

I could just feel the enthusiasm in your answers here, KM, and found it such a delight. Thanks for sharing your lust and love for life with us and with the world! :)

I remember reading "Mustang Sally" and loving it, and I also just loved this story -- http://aphrodites-table.blogspot.com/2008/08/honey-im-home.html ("A Good Maid Never Uses a Mop") -- when I encountered it on your blog. Both made me laugh out loud!

Lovely interview -- thanks for sharing KM, and thanks as usual Nikki!


Donna said...

I have to admit words fail me here--I'm not sure where to start to express my appreciation for Kirsten's wit, eloquence and inspiration to get out there and enjoy life's lusciousness and laugh at everything and bend right on over and take it every which way!

Even this interview got me all revved up to have some fun. You've definitely touched me in all the right places ;-).

It's the perfect way to start 2009, Nikki, with your fabulous interview series. Thank you for this.

Now, KM, about that cook book project....

Kirsten Monroe said...

Hey, thanks Emerald! It's odd that a wig and glasses and the right kind of candy can make a person feel more like them than *them*!

Oh Donna, Hell's Kitchen is heating up. This could be the start of something!

Alana said...

Kirsten, your liveliness makes me happy. Your mullet is a turn on. I eat your visceral joy.

Thank you.