Friday, November 21, 2008

Writing that touches

Madeline Moore

I'm very happy to have the lovely Madeline Moore as a guest this week, not least because I feel like hell and she cheers me up quicker than a bottle of Benylin!

So, before I start coughing all over the blog, here's Madeline with a message that sounds a bit like a Beatles song...

Why do you write?

I've been a writer since I was 12 years old. As an awkward and unattractive kid, I drank in the praise my teacher gave me for my imagination and writing ability. From that time to the present, I have pursued a career as a writer. Nowadays, if I allow much time to pass without writing fiction, my mind gets muddled with imagined scenarios that add up to a lot of nothing. So in a sense I need to write to keep my sanity. Also, since my education and experience has always been geared toward writing, it is the thing I do best and the thing I do that pays best.

Is there something in particular that you'd like to express?

In truth, it's not that I have any profundities to share with the world. I just want my voice in the mix, with all the other fiction writers' voices. My message, if I have one, is something along the lines of 'Love is all there is.'

What is the most successful piece or work you feel you've written, and why?

I'm hoping the novel I'm writing now, my third erotic romance for Black Lace, will be my most successful piece. It's called Sarah's Education. I think I'm a much better novelist now than I was when I wrote my first. At least, I'm not panicking this time around (not yet, anyway.)

I wrote a short story for an antho edited by Sage Vivan and M. Christian for Thunder's Mouth Press called Amazons: Sexy Tales of Strong Women. My story is called The Bearded Lady, and it was as I was writing the first few paragraphs, succinctly describing a two ring circus circa 1950, that I realized I had the chops to write short stories. It was really exciting to suddenly know that something I'd wanted to do all my life, which was write good short fiction, was at last a reality.

I'm also very proud of the short story I have in Lust At First Bite, a Black Lace antho of vampire tales, called The Oasis at Night. I think it's sexy, imaginative and unique. And told in my voice.

Please name a recent thought, event, person or whatever that inspired you:

My own true love, Felix Baron, inspires me all the time. He's a very disciplined and imaginative writer.

The author D.M.Thomas was my tutor at the Humber School For Writers and he said I write 'great sex without metaphor', which was something he couldn't do. Since I absolutely adored his novel, The White Hotel, I was chuffed, as you Brits say, by his comments. He was the one who inspired me to write erotica and Felix, who is also a writing tutor, is the one who taught me how to do it.

Olivia Knight recently did a post for our soon to be defunct female writers of erotica blog, Lust Bites, in which she described the ways and means to be a professional writer. She talked about conserving energy so that one can write every day, not just willy nilly, writing into the wee hours one night and then sleeping for the next few days, etc.. The post looked at writing as a career from a practical point of view that I appreciated.

I'm inspired by the fiction of erotic writers like Kristina Lloyd and Portia da Costa and, really, by most of the Lust Bites writers, past and present. I'm reading Lust At First Bite right now and each story impresses me. Maybe that's another reason why I'm so proud of my piece, The Oasis at Night. It's as good as any in the antho and the stories in that anthology are very, very good.


Madeline Moore lives in Toronto, Canada. Her short stories have appeared in anthologies including Confessions, Admissions of Sexual Guilt, Amazons, Sexy Tales of Strong Women, Getting Even: Revenge Stories, L is for Leather and Lust At First Bite. Her first erotic novel, Wild Card, was published by Black Lace in June, 2006. Her second Black Lace novel, an erotic romance called Amanda’s Young Men, was published in July, 2008, in the UK and will be released on March 31 in the US and Canada. Amanda's Young Men will be featured in the December, 2008 issue of Scarlet Magazine. Madeline is presently working on her third erotic romance for Black Lace, Sarah’s Education, for publication in July, 2009.

Feel free to contact the author at

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Thanks for dropping by, Madeline! Next week I'll be interviewing the delightful Donna George Storey.


Janine Ashbless said...

Ah - Madeline is such a staunch Lustie and so funny, sparky and em, occasionally kooky... her contributions are a delight to read. Plus she knows all this mad stuff about writing for TV and film...
I'm really glad to have met her. (Have I met her? Does the internet count? Do we need a new word?)

Go Madeline!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Wow, I think you're a very inspiring figure, Madeline, the way you recognized your calling early on, resolutely followed that path, and just went forward developing and developing your talent!

And your erotic writing has such a delicious sense of frolic and humor blended with the super sexiness. I love that!

(I also like your hat, in case I haven't said so before.)

Jeremy Edwards said...

P.S. Thanks Nikki, for bringing us Madeline today! (And so sorry about your flu!)

My spamword is viatems. Maybe if you take some viatems, you'll feel better? (Then again, it may just give you a short-lived erection.)

Nikki Magennis said...

Intermet, Janine?!

I think it's interesting how many writers say they actually *need* to write. Like it's medecine.

(But maybe I'm fixated on medecine right now, and thanks, Jeremy, I'll take that viatems - let's see what happens!)

Madeline, thanks so much for being here. I love your honesty, your positivity, and yes, that kookiness! ; )

Madeline Moore said...

Kooky? Moi? 'Tis true, I confess.
I blame Kurt Vonnegut. This is a fun way to start my Friday. Thank you Nikki!

I hope everyone will take a peek at Scarlet's December issue. Amanda just begs to be stuffed - into a Christmas stocking.

kristina lloyd said...

Thanks Madeline! I'm thrilled and honoured to be an inspiration.

Lovely interview. I do like your lack of pretence and the way you manage to be candid without ever being blunt or bluff or overfacing. Also - funny lady!

Hope you're better soon, Nikki. I recommend a hot toddy (or three).

Madeline Moore said...

Thank you Kristina.

Nikki, I hope you get better soon, too. I should've said so earlier. Yes, a hot toddy or 2 might help. Is Johnny about? He could cuddle you to keep you warm.

Nikki Magennis said...

Thanks, guys, yes, I have a toddy in one hand and Johnny in the other. He does ,wriggle, though.

It's funny, Madeline, I was just thinking about the ending of Slaughterhouse five this morning. How breathtakingly mental and confounding it was. I think the world needs more surreal porn.