Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Publication list

... because I can't work out how to do the Amazon thingy. Sorry. Anyway, here is a list of just about everything I've written, so if you want to find my work, try here:

Published work


  • Circus Excite, Black Lace, 2006 (erotic romance) - German Translation 2007, Manege Der Lust
  • The New Rakes, Black Lace, 2008 (erotic romance)

Short Stories

Audio short stories

  • Swapping Recipes, Anthology ed Emily Dubberley,
  • Going down,
  • I spy,
  • ‘The secret diaries’: – Wishlist, Double Trouble, A lick and a rub
  • ‘Flick’s Diaries’ – (also available on The Erotic Woman website)
  • Undercover (audio version), steamy audio dot com



Dawn Chorus, Best Erotic Romance, ed Kristina Wright, 2011 Cleis Press

Nude Studies, Undressed Erotica, ed Alison Tyler, 2011 Pretty Things Press

Make Your Own Miracles, Steamlust, ed Kristina Wright, 2011 Cleis Press

I think that's everything. Gosh, I feel a bit knackered looking at that list. I think I probably have earned a glass of wine ...

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