Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Life is good, little tiger

Yay! Leather! Win! Whooop!

Grats to all the winners, and to all the authors in this antho, especially Xan West who won honorable mention for 'First Time Since'. And me for being in it too! And Shanna! Hoorah for springtime and healthy catkins too! xxx

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just how open-minded are you?

Anyone fancy a bit of science?

I just found this fascinating study into 'implicit association'. Sign up and sit tests to get some very interesting insights into how your secret brain tends to work. It might not be as straightforward as you think. I'll fess up first.


Your data suggest a moderate automatic preference for Heterosexuals compared to Homosexuals.

And I thought I was so blase about sexual preference. Of course, it could be ascribed to a function of the test. Also, I wouldn't discount the fact that when I encounter a straight man there's usually the possibility (theoretical, boyf, it's not going to happen) of schtupping them, which is more attractive/compelling than the prospect of platonic interaction with a gay man*. Then again, perhaps there is some element of my subconscious that is less egalitarian than I would like to think.

Anyway, now for the good news - when it comes to Science and Religion, according to this test I can claim impartiality:

Your data suggest little to no automatic association between Science and Religion with True and False.

So, feel free to re-educate my subconscious on homosexuality, but if you want an objective opinion on god or science, I'm your woman! Anyone else willing to share their subconscious associations? I'd love to hear them!

*the test was explicitly focussed on gay men and straight men. It'd be interesting to resit with gay/straight women as the focus.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spare a thought for wee Petra - she's had a rough couple of days! Bitten (quite badly) and then a horror visit to the vet's to um .. well, you don't want to know. But cat bites are awful, and I've never heard her howl so loud! She's been doused in iodine and injected and we have to wash her twice a day. What a miserable kitty, but she's so brave!

This is for her. I know that in general cats don't go a bundle on music, and her ears go back when I play it, but I like to think on some level she appreciates the genius of Mark E Smith.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Path forks

First of all - it seems my books have been 're-ranked' at Amazon. I'm still not happy with Amazon's vague explanation, though, and I also found out that Powell's is pretty cool. So, time for a change, I think!

In fact, that's the theme for this year. Sorry I've been quiet. I've been having big paradigm shifts. They mostly involve sitting in the sunshine, but, you know, still waters run deep and all.

I've barely been writing. My book of short stories got turned down by Black Lace. I was asked to make substantial changes and didn't want to, so now I am free of deadlines and floating in the breeze! Later, I hope to release the book elsewhere, but more on that as it transpires.

In the meantime, I've been not-thinking and listening hard. Waiting to see which way life is going to go. For the past few years I worked - well, hard for me! - at writing, and now it's time to pause and lift my head and look around.

Damn, I'm meandering here, aren't I?

Years and years ago I walked round my mother's house. I dreamed my future, all the things I wanted. Somehow, one by one, all those things have appeared. Boyf was a smiling blur until I met him. My book was a haze until I wrote it. The garden was a green tumbling mess - oh, and it really is in real life too. Sometimes it all seems like a game and I want to laugh.

I dreamed the particular colour of my writing room and the cane chair I sit in outside. Now I want to learn to see the things that are real. Sometimes the lupin leaves in dreams are easier to see than the ones right in front of you. I cannot see what flowers are at my feet

So, for a while, I'll be breathing, writing maybe a very little, and seeing where the dreams go. xxx

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The moment Amazon became guff

Well, it started to happen a while ago. The first shitty glitch was when they published real names and addresses under authors' wish lists. Yeah, remember that?! Oh, how stalkers everywhere rubbed their hands in glee!

Lately, they've lied to me about having books in stock, so I've started cancelling orders and looking elsewhere for quick, cheap books.

But the latest stupendo-mistake is removing not just erotic books or anything 'adult'(which pisses me off, of course) but also apparently any GLBT books from their sales ranking lists.

This is where we part company, Amazon. That is not okay.


My books are available from Random House direct, here.

From Cleis Press here.

From the fabulous lovehoney here.

From Waterstones here.

From bricks and mortar bookshops everywhere and even, amazingly, some libraries.

From ... you get the idea, right?

Petition here

PS Bear with me while I replace any Amazon links on my page with others. I'm still a bit crap at this html!

Monday, April 06, 2009

It was going so well.

And then I broke my driving instructor's car.

Sigh. It's been a right Monday ...

Saturday, April 04, 2009

49 out of 50!

Yahhhhh! I am theoretically nearly perfect!

Right. Now I just have to learn to actually drive.

Thursday, April 02, 2009


I have my driving theory test on Saturday. Because I'm a little bit twisted in the head, the thing that worries me about these tests/experiences is never the questions themselves or failing, it's just being locked in a cubicle space for an hour with no means of escape.

To distract myself, I'm revising like a motherfucking petrolhead you wouldn't believe. Got a question about the Highway or its code? Hit me. Go on.

Anyway, speaking of petrol and flammable substances, Playing with Fire is out now. I *love* this antho. It's shocking and dirty and such wildly good fun. I read some of the stories sitting out in the sun and just felt - I don't know, punkrock. Of course, I've got a wee flash in it, and many friends grace the pages, so I can't really give you an objective critique. But I do have to say I enjoyed it like a glass of whisky on a hot summer's day.

I also especially wanted to mention Alison Tyler's story. She does such a bang-up job of editing, I think sometimes her writing gets less attention than it should. But I adored her story. Loved it. Ate it up like popcorn and coke. Sweet, bad, wry and surprising.

Oh, look, I can offer my opinion of some of the stories, right? Janine's is deliciously jaw-droppingly shocking. Jeremy's is warm and touching as well as being filthy. Michael Hemmingson's is such clever good twisted fun, and Thomas Roche's is just fucking ace. I read Shanna's and it's like lying on a beach with the warm dark stars sparkling overhead and a warm body beside you.

There we go. How do I do as a reviewer? I honestly am being objective! I fuckin am!

Now, ask me about stopping distances. Go on.

; )