Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What's best for a hangover?

Delicious, nutritious and heartily Auspicious - Jeremy and Helia's fabulous soup!

See you there!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Not so sweet music ...

Ah you made it to our secret after-party! Welcome! Here is (some of) what happened at Kara's piano lesson ... please note, this is strictly an over 18 venue and contains some downright filth.

His burnished skin and the wiry blonde hairs of his arms suggested hot summer afternoons, and the rough stubble on his jaw and his loose, slightly over-long hair made her think he was someone blessed with enough good genes not to give much of a damn about how he looked.

Drawn to him, Kara stumbled forward and pressed herself against him, her mouth seeking out the hot, naked skin of his throat and latching on with a half bite, half kiss, tasting the salt there and feeling the hard line of his collarbone, while she rubbed against his shirt and let his bent knee slide between her legs.

He didn’t push her away as she’d feared, but lifted her and pulled her onto the piano, dropping her ass onto the keys so that they shouted with a loud, broken clang and played out of tune notes as she shifted, opened her legs ready to take him. It took him a moment to unzip and free his cock from his shorts. Kara got only a glimpse of its long, angry red length and the tobacco coloured fuzz of hair surrounding it, before he was pushing the polished knob inside her. She rolled forward to better take him, and sank onto his shaft. Her ass teetered on the lip of the piano, and she held herself at a precarious angle to let his whole length surge up into her.

He fought to fuck her then, while she held bunches of his shirt in her fists and dug underneath to find the burning satin smoothness of his flanks, to feel the sweep of his belly and the trail of hair that led down to his boiling cock. With every thrust, she felt his body bunch and contract, the wiry muscles in his arms supporting her weight and his legs tensed to jerk against her. As they fucked, their entwined bodies released a slow burning perfume - the smell of his body, the sharp, rich smell of his sweat and that complex mixture of smoke and leather and rosemary that Kara recognised as Mike’s own. She reached up to kiss him and met the peculiar hardness of his mouth, the rough scratch of his stubble against her and the blunt, rude intrusion of his tongue into her mouth. He kissed her without a single suggestion of softness, only working his mouth against hers to devour her as fully as he could.

The tuning fork fell to the floor as he gripped her hips, adding another crash to the wild cacophony that was being wrenched from the piano, the dreadful chords and smashed notes that resounded every time Mike plunged into her. Kara almost laughed, hearing so many months of painstaking piano practise massacred all at once and the glorious mess of their fucking produce such a horrendous noise.

Excerpt from The New Rakes, copyright Nikki Magennis 2008 all rights reserved

Available from - Amazon uk

Sunday, January 25, 2009


The New Rakes play a gig at Socks to Fedora!

Join us this coming Tuesday. I'll be giving a glimpse into my *cough, cough* rock and roll writing process and threatening to sing. Again.

I'll also be throwing a signed copy into the audience, and possibly stage-diving.

Doors at seven. Support: Jeremy and the Edwardettes. Over 18s only, and there will be strobes during the performance.

Advance tickets: Americans - Brits - Canadians

Friday, January 23, 2009

Writing that touches

Saskia Walker

I'm always in awe of today's guest. She's a stunningly prolific and accomplished writer, penning stories, novels and novellas for Juno, Harlequin, Berkley, Virgin, Cleis ... you get the idea! Somehow, though she must be a whirlwind of work, Saskia is always warm, friendly and supportive too. Ah, the lady's got grace, style and talent ... Saskia, how d'you do it??!

Why do you write?

It feels like the most natural thing in the world for me to do. I
think it's because I've always had stories knocking around my head,
and that came from being an only child with an active imagination. I
read a lot, and my parents travelled constantly. I'd always be running
an interior commentary on things I saw and heard, making my own
stories up when I wasn't actually reading. I'd invent whole histories
for people who caught my eye.

As an adult, writing those kinds of ideas down and letting my imagination grow through that medium was the next logical step. It was a dream to make that my career, but I honestly never believed I'd be able to make it happen. I feel very privileged to be able to write every day, and that there are readers who enjoy my work.

Is there something in particular that you'd like to express?

I just want to write stories that succeed, stories that are a good
read. I don't get too philosophical about it. My enduring goal is to
be a good genre fiction writer, and that means writing solid,
successful stories that entertain. I see myself very much in the long
tradition of storytellers rather than having literary aspirations, and
I'd like to think I take readers away to another place for a while
—and that they enjoyed it!

What is the most successful piece or work you feel you've written, and why?

That's a tough one… It's hard to measure success in terms of what I
feel about it, because I always feel as if I have so much to learn! I
can only hope that each thing is better than the last because I'm
moving forward on this huge learning curve. I suppose I measure
success by reader's responses, and what new challenges I've risen to
in the process of writing. I think I've had more mail from readers
about my 2008 novel, RECKLESS, than any other piece of work, and the
comments were often about the combination of story elements with the
romantic and erotic elements. That felt good. That was what I wanted
to achieve, so I guess that's the one.

Please name a recent thought, event, person or whatever that inspired you:

So many things inspire me! Two things that always get me turning ideas
over are wild weather, and sunshine. Yesterday was a wonderful, crisp
and sunny winter's day, and I had a new story idea. Magic.


Saskia Walker is a British author who writes erotic fiction across
genres. Her short stories have been published in over forty
anthologies and her novel-length work spans from contemporary erotic
romance to ancient fantasy. Saskia lives in the north of England on
the windswept Yorkshire moors, where she happily spends her days
spinning yarns. She has lots more stories to tell.

A thousand thanks for joining me, Saskia!

I'll now be having a bit of a break from Writing that touches - I seem to have deadlines piling up like snow at the moment!

Writers, if you'd still like to take part, please feel free to send your interview responses and a photo and bio to me at nikki dot magennis at googlemail dot com. The series will continue at some point.

Meanwhile, thanks to all my fabulous guests and visitors - it's been wonderful!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


The feast begins soon! I'm thrilled to invite you to a Blog Feast, starting this Sunday and meandering through a variety of fabulous writers and courses:

Come join us for a sensual feast to celebrate the new year of hope, promise, and delicious pleasures of every flavour. Each day a new erotica-writing blogger will be your host for one sumptuous course, providing recipes, entertainment and scintillating discussion topics. Best of all, dinners ala blog are known to expand your mind, but not your waistline. The festivities begin on Sunday, January 25. Come to one, come to all—you deserve a little indulgence!

Sunday January 25--Amuse-bouche
Host: Craig Sorensen

Monday January 26—Appetizer
Host: Shanna Germain

Wednesday January 28--Soup
Hosts: Helia Brookes and Jeremy Edwards

Thursday January 29—Fish
Host: Neve Black

Friday January 30--Meat Entrée
Host: Kirsten Monroe

Saturday, January 31--Vegetarian entrée
Host: Donna George Storey

Monday, February 2--Salad
Host: Emerald

Tuesday, February 3—Dessert
Host: Sommer Marsden

Wednesday, February 4--Petit Fours and truffles
Host: Nikki Magennis

Feast dreamed up by Kirsten and Donna - both of whom are formidable cooks and sensational writers. I'm just hoping by the time it gets to me everyone'll be full up and won't mind if I produce a culinary disaster! ; )

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I dream of a sky-sized table
at which to work

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Be helpless, dumbfounded ...

... and the answer will appear from somewhere:

'usually the reason you can't articulate is because you don't have an idea to articulate.'

Thank you, David Hare. Now I know how to start fixing the difficult story.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Writing that touches

Kristina Wright

I am absolutely thrilled to have the fabulous Kristina Wright with me today - author of a gazillion short stories, a Silhouette novel, and a novella in the recent Bedding Down anthology. Plus, she has four cats. I am jealous.

Why do you write?

Writing sustains me. It's in my blood, a part of my identity. I can't *not* write, as so many others before me have said. I wrote my first story when I was six (about a shape-shifting witch, of all things) and I never stopped. I don't write for the money (insert hysterical laugh here), that's for sure. Writing has been the one constant in my life since the day I realized someone wrote all those stories I loved to read.

Is there something in particular that you'd like to express?

Honestly, I just want to be a good storyteller and connect with the reader on some level. There's a little bit of me in everything I write-- not necessarily things I've done or experienced, but my belief system. I write under my real name-- which I've been criticized for by several people-- but I think using my real name makes me work harder to make that connection with the reader.

It's as if we already have this intimate connection, the reader and I, because they know who I am. Through my words, I hope to show them that maybe I know who they are, too.

What is the most successful piece or work you feel you've written, and why?

I guess it depends on what you mean by "success." The stories that have been the most financially successful aren't necessarily what I would consider my biggest successes. On the other hand, when I start a story I'm not sure I can write-- a story that scares the hell out of me to write-- and I somehow find my voice and finish it, that feels like success to me.

A couple of years ago, I wrote a story called "At Midnight, In the Month of June" about a widow scattering her husband's ashes. (Yes, it's erotica.) That was a hard story to write-- and a harder story to sell. It is also one of my favorite stories because it was such a challenge to write.

Please name a recent thought, event, person or whatever that inspired you:

Inspiration comes from everywhere and I love to people watch. I spend a good chunk of my time writing in Starbucks where every overheard conversation is fodder for a story. It really is amazing what people will talk about in public. Lovers' quarrels are the best-- from an erotica writer's perspective, of course!

Other writers inspire me, too. When I start getting lazy, I only have to look around at the accomplishments of my wonderful group of peers and I'm driven to push myself harder and pursue those challenges that are so scary and so rewarding. I sold my first two stories to Black Lace this year and I can credit the talented authors at Lust Bites (including you!) for motivating me.


Kristina Wright is an award-winning author whose steamy erotic fiction has appeared in over sixty anthologies, including Bedding Down: A Collection of Winter Erotica; Dirty Girls: Erotica for Women; and four editions of The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica. She lives in Virginia with her husband and a menagerie of pets and she can be found writing at Starbucks most days of the week. Visit her at

Thanks so much, Kristina!

Next week I'll have the superb, sexysweet Saskia Walker stopping by.

Vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrooooom #2

Petra, who also likes to zooom

A driving lesson before breakfast?

Fuck yes!

2009 = The year I finally grow up.


: )

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

the ineffable zing and the soul of a story

My story won't work!

Fuck. Fuck. Fucky fuckity fuck.

Something's not right, there's grit in the mechanism somewhere. Right now i'm staring at a collection of words, sentences, characters and dialogue. But there's something missing. I've rewritten to the point where my grandfather's axe has become a shovel, and no matter how deep I dig the whole it's still in parts.

There are writers who hold a very pragmatic idea of a story: Write well; know the rules and when to break them; edit to death; keep on plugging.

It's all good advice. But I can't help but feel a lot of the process is mysterious. I'm missing that ineffable zing - that certain fulcrum that swings the story round into the right rhythm. When a story's all over the place like this one is, I can't even get the simple grammar right - I know there's something bigger wrong with it.

Which means I shall have to tie the characters to a chair and quiz them about their deeper motivations. Perhaps slap them until they scream out one-word answers. Or spit in my face. Which would also be a tell. Right now, they're just puppet actors and I need to be able to smell them.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


January is rushing. I have a very long list.

I never know if its better to use the carrot or the stick approach.

Stick: batter through everything at double speed, hoping to get it all done today (ha!) so I can go back to bed.

Carrot: go back to bed right now and hope I'll wake up later bursting with energy, ready to tackle all the tasks stylishly and without recourse to intravenous caffeine.

Supplementary question: How do people with children/real jobs manage?

Okay, here goes with the stick for now. Work, bitch, work harder!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Writing that touches

Kirsten Monroe

It's a new year and I'm feeling a buzz of excitement. I'm hoping for great things in 2009 - like stumbling upon writers whose work fires my imagination and surprises me. Especially ones who share recipes and ice-melting stories!

Welcome Kirsten Monroe, and her sweet pleasure pineapple ...

Why do you write?

Ever since I can remember, stories of one kind or another have bubbled and fizzed about in my mind. The pressure builds until I finally get them out. I have boxes of journals. I write down everything. I find lots of wonder in the world – in every little thing, really. I find life incredibly arousing, hilarious, and miraculous, and all of that excitement translates into stories. It's said that the universe is not made of molecules, but of stories. I love that! I enjoy nothing more than letting all of those pent-up words out.

In fact, the imagining and then the act of writing can feel like a sexual experience, though much less slippery. It's fun, it feels good, it's free, it's environmentally friendly, it makes me smile, it helps me focus, and it's good for the complexion – or maybe that's just sex. Beyond the creativity, being able to express myself in a way that feels natural, and knowing that my words made an impression or touched someone in some way is just – wow! That's so powerful. It's like being able to make the wind blow! (A very stiff wind if I've done it right).

Is there something in particular that you'd like to express?

I like to express the wonder, texture, taste, feel, delight and "joie de vivre". Sexuality & sensuality – love, passion, desire, and lust – are all so important to who we are as human beings and are richly and deeply intertwined within the human experience. My writing can be dark, my characters downright dirty, but I tend towards lighter pieces. Regardless, I always want my dishes to taste good, smell good, and look good! Around every corner, it seems, is a new sensual experience.

I get a big thrill out of cooking – combining flavors, and experimenting with textures and presentation and taste. It's similar with writing sex and erotica. I especially love knowing that the way I string words together can stir a reader's mind
and body. A friend once read a piece of mine and said, "Damn, I need to go punch the clown!" Now that is a high compliment.

What is the most successful piece or work you feel you've written, and why?

I was thrilled to have a piece published at Clean Sheets – "Mustang Sally." I really enjoyed writing it and the story itself really gets to the heart of my rebellious, fun-loving side and delight and pursuit of love, happiness, and a sex-positive culture. I am also very excited about a story titled "Road Trip" that will be in Sacchi Green's upcoming anthology, Girl Crazy. It's my first published lesbian erotica piece and is another one that just kind of spilled out like magic.

Please name a recent thought, event, person or whatever that inspired you:

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to see Susie Bright recently in Portland. I was there with my longtime sexy friend Shanna Germain and it was just such a surreal, awesome, delightful evening. Susie and Shanna are both incredible, amazing, funny, sexually enlightened, empowered women. I was completely star-struck. I woke up the next morning and felt so alive and fulfilled and inspired by the experience and realized I'd come full circle in a long journey.

Years ago writing sex felt awkward. One day Shanna (who is also an amazing teacher) was literally rolling on the floor over one of my sex scenes. The words were stilted and shy and embarrassed. I never used the word "fuck" and I couldn't bring myself to use naughty body part names. I'd written something like, "Oh yes. Oh baby. I want you to wrap your lips around my sweet pleasure pineapple down there." Anyway, Shanna basically told me to get some balls and stop being afraid to put the juicy stuff on paper. She said, "Don't turn away from it. Don't look away from the fucking."

So….about six years later, yeah, a really long time, with the encouragement of Shanna and a male writer friend (you rock Sam!) I took a swig of whiskey, looked the sex square in the eye and said, "Bend over bitch. It's time." I have a long ways to go as a writer, but I feel like I'm finally making forward progress and having lots of fun as well.


In addition to writing, I enjoy endurance & trail running, travel & outdoor adventures, cooking, of course, sailing, and goofing off as much as possible. I'm a mom of two scrappy boys and wife (of 15 years!) My husband is a lot sweeter and less naughty than I am, but he appreciates the fun of keeping things spicy…..and he loves my cooking. I also can't resist a fun wig – or red licorice! I keep a blog at

I'd also like to say how grateful and thankful I am to the erotica community for being so incredibly supportive and welcoming newcomers to the genre with open arms. I have been absolutely blown away by the encouragement and kindness that's been offered by so many.

Hey, it's a pleasure Kirsten! Thanks so much for kicking off 2009. Next week I'll be interviewing the kissable Kristina Wright. Join me!

Well, hello America!

uity excuse me, Pe6tra is helping me type tozzzzzzzzday. Phew, and I've got lots to share ...

The New Rakes is now released in the US of A! Hoorah!

To celebrate, I'm going to cook an American meal tonight. I have hotdogs, and I'm going to try and make this Succotash thing, a Caesar salad and hmmm ... corn bread? Can I use frozen spinach for a Caesar salad?

If the cat keeps up her devilry, I'll be serving Petra pie with icecream for dessert. Look, she's trying to put on her innocent face -

Hope you like the book, Americanos!


This week, the fabulous Janine Ashbless's second collection of short stories is released in the UK - an essential book for anyone who loves beautifully crafted erotica! Order now at amazon uk.

Frenzy got a very cool review at Erotica Revealed. Steven Hart compares one of my stories to haiku - for which I am very flattered!

"When the short forms are used with éclat and real severity, they are bright and entertaining gems of understatement that create a much larger and more lush sense of authentic pleasure precisely because they excite by inference ... Like Haiku, Nikki Magennis’s “Sweets” which makes short, but thorough, work of the erotic potential in sucrose."

~And please join me on Friday for another 'Writing that touches'. I'll be kicking off the new year with a guest whose work has been a new delight for me - the kaleidoscopic Kirsten Monroe!


"fascinating, sexy and exciting" - 5 pixies from Dark Angel Reviews

"The New Rakes totally rocks" - Ashley Lister at ERWA

Available now at

Sunday, January 04, 2009

It ain't easy

And I did cry a little bit. But - here I am on the top of a mountain. A very bloody big mountain. If I look half-crazed, it's because I was terrified about standing up straight in case I got blown off the ridge. Yes, a fucking ridge! With snow! Ice! And men with spikes on their shoes!

I was probably the slowest climber. And I'm fairly sure the only one to stop for a fag break halfway. In fact, I have a sense I fell asleep in the snow and only dreamed the long, icy scramble back down in the dark. But my legs hurt like hell, so it probably did happen.