Thursday, October 30, 2008


Hello chickadees. Forgive my sporadic silences - I've been making films, trying to sell/buy/move house, reading 'The God Delusion' concurrently with 'The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying' and generally tying my brain up in very complicated knots.

Which is perhaps why I just made myself two cups of tea by accident. As in, made one, set it down, got up, went back to kitchen, made another, brought it back and felt a bit nuts.

So, sitting here with my two cups of tea that are both too hot to drink, I think it's best I don't launch into a confused existential rant. Instead, here's Olivia Newton John, with a horrendous outfit, some gorgeous slide guitar and an old Bob Dylan song:

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I think maybe I should be trying to whip up a frenzy about The New Rakes just now. Well, I am, but it's a SECRET so I can't tell you what it is. (And right this very minute it's looking like a car-crash, but let's not dwell.)

Anyway, happiness abounds lately, so here's the song that always plays in my head when I'm feeling expansive.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


- hand picked by the blindfolded competition fairies ...

Madelynne Ellis

Drop me a line with your address, please, madam, and I'll post off a copy of The New Rakes (one without any plasticene smears on the pages.) (Don't ask.)

If you'd like another chance to win a copy, catch me at Lust Bites on November the 5th (fireworks! Woohoo!) when I'll be posting more about the book plus an filthy excerpt.

Thanks again for all your lovely comments and song recommendations - if The New Rakes ever release a covers album, they'll all be on it ...

Nikki x

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just for clarification

Shit, I meant to draw an arrow on the picture. Let me know if you need help finding them.

Also - a big huge thank you to everyone for all your songs and lovely comments! I'll draw a winner (I mean pick one, not make a lewd picture of) on Thursday.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Book for bedtime

Yes that is my new novel 'The New Rakes' spilling all over the place. All over, to be precise, the day-bed. I'm very glad I have a day-bed. It means when I am overcome with a sudden fit of the vapours I have somewhere handy to collapse in. Note also that I will be collapsing - um - celebrating - with a bottle of my favourite malt.

Not yet! Have things to do! Am bouncing off door frames, perspiring gently and spinning round in circles.

First, I must offer sincere apologies to Ashley Lister and Alison Tyler, quotes of whose appear on the back cover attributed as 'Praise for Circus Excite'.

I'd like to say categorically that the quotes were referencing short stories in 'F is for Fetish' and 'Frenzy', respectively, and had nothing to do with Circus Excite. Again, guys, I'm very sorry for the mix-up.

Also I want to offer a large bottle of whisky and a dedication to my overwhelmingly lovely first reader Shanna Germain. Without her I would have jumped out of a window, definitely.

Also a massive thanks to Jonathan Caws-Ellwit for scoring 'Turn on Me' for the book. Another apology here, as I've failed spectacularly so far to get a band together and make a recording/video. I haven't forgotten though! I will try! Apricot coloured plasticene nipples and everything!

Right, now I've done my Oscar speech. I'd like to hoard all the books away to myself but I think it's about bloody time I had a contest. So - voila - your chance to win a copy of The New Rakes well before it's even out! {Am I allowed to do that? Is there publishing etiquette I'm missing? Ah, oops, too late.}

Drop me a line in the comments and tell me one of your favourite songs/song titles. I'll pick a winner at total random next week. Taking into account the vast readership of this blog, you've probably got about a 50/50 chance... and okay, if you're shy you can email me your song title too. Nikki dot magennis at googlemail dot com.



PS: Oh,I forgot. Obviously I haven't had any real proper reviews for the book yet, but my other first reader has provided his opinion for your illumination. His verdict?


Yes, thanks boyf.

Sky rockets in flight

Yay! Another wee flasher will be appearing soon in Afternoon Delight. I'm told the books kicks off with 'After Midnight'.

The list of contents looks delicious - with stories from a tonne of stellar writers - including friends Teresa Noelle Roberts, Andrea Dale,EllaRegina,Sommer Marsden and *Craig Sorenson . Plus, of course, a story from the edible ed herself.

I love the concept of this book - sexy for every hour of the day from dusk to dawn and back again. (Well, okay, from midnight to noon and back again.) Like the man says - when it's right, it's right, right? And doesn't the cover look so very classy? I feel like I should brush my hair and do something with nailpolish. Hm. Perhaps I'll surprise boyf later with a bit of lipstick.

Perhaps I should rephrase that.

*I notice Craig has also gone for the 'sky rockets' line in his blog. You do realise it's going to be stuck in my head allllll day now?

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Things I appear to be shit at:

1. Updating this bloggeroo. Hwa. Where am I? I'm burrowing. Tunnelling. Will pop back up to pimp The New Rakes when it's out. I promise. Lately I seem to open my mouth and just want to stuff it with food/cigarettes/fine malt whisky, rather than talking. Of course, I don't often type with my mouth, but anyway ...

2. Generally, pimpage, 'marketing', and businesslike behaviour. Honestly, I embarass myself. {And I'm too lazy to even check how many sodding Rs and Ss there are in embarrasss.} Every time I make a screw up (and this, m'dears, is far too often) I promise fervently I'll start making lists, spreadsheets, tick-charts, whatever the fuck it is that organised people do.}And ten minutes later I'm off playing 'virtual autopsy' and trying to work out what colour the heroine's eyes are and ... well, I've forgotten all about the good intentions. I'm not a bad person. Just spectacularly forgetful.

Eh? You want the link to virtual autopsy? Okay. here it is, but I must warn you some of the pictures are very colourful. Its a great tool for working out which particular fatal disease one is suffering from on any given day, though.

3. Healthy living. Well, I wore a nicotine patch for a day. That's as close to healthy as I've got this week.

4. Being a Buddhist in training. No, really. I am trying. A bit. Sometimes.

5. Following a cohesive train of thought. Hey - have you heard this song? I love it. The film was a car crash, but I loved this scene:

lalala. Bye!