Tuesday, April 29, 2008

bloody hell

it's all a little spooky this afternoon. Having a wee pause before the last frantic edit of the New Rakes, I thought I'd check Amazon. Et voila:

And just as I find that, lightning, thunder, hail and monsoon. Not kidding. Hailstones the size of frozen peas.

I hope this is a good omen. I'm hoping hard that the ending works, that my editor likes it, that readers will like it.

Not overly keen on the 'X factor' strapline (would have preferred 'sex and sex and rock n roll'). And why is it yellow? But the couple are pretty and the

good god. This is biblical weather. Sheet lightning. I'm actually a bit scared.

the crowd scene underneath is rocking. Just right.

Kara has pink hair in that pic. I don't think she has pink hair. Actually, I haven't really specified her hair colour. Is that very bad? I've hardly described the heroine much at all. It's quite a tight POV to her and I just couldn't do the 'look in the mirror and admire the hair' thing.

Okay, sometime soon I'll have to stop worrying about it and send it off and hope it's good.

Just after I've studied that cover very obsessively for a while. The lips aren't quite as pretty-pouty as I think Tam's are, but he's got a bit of punky black hair going on. Which could work. What do you think?

Friday, April 18, 2008

friday, friday, friday

and we've been working hard all week, ain't we? So here we go.

last night I dreamt of otters and the long dirt road that led to home and you, you, you.

I have no idea what the otters were all about.

Today I found some minimal poetry, including the poem


by Aram Saroyan. Afterwards I stared hypnotised at the paragraph I was trying to edit:

{her striped tights

And didn't get much work done this afternoon.

Anyway, here is MIA, who is a genius and beautiful too. Happy weekend all.

Hm fuckit, doesn't seem to be loading here. If you can't see the vid, go find it on youtube or buy her music. I swear you won't regret it. Only don't watch the vids if you have epileptic tendencies. x

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Spanking extravaganza

Ooh, look, I'm in a proper pornographic mag! That is to say, 'Let them eat cake', a short story with lashings of cream and cuckoo clocks, is featured in this edition of Forum.

Also in here is a special feature on Black Lace's 15 year anniversary, with Portia Da Costa and many BL authors interviewed (the special edition covers are absolutely gorgeous), and a swinging article by Ashley Lister, the pictures of which I am jealous. Of.

Wait, I am jealous of the pictures that illustrate the article. Yes.

I do think I need to fix my grammar.

Anyway, I love this story. It's kitsch and a little surreal. And hopefully sexy too. I'm really tickled to have a story in Forum. They've called it a 'spanking extravaganza', which is a phrase I like the sound of! I wish it luck as it goes bravely out onto the top shelf.

Meanwhile, I'm editing the novel ... that's why I'm frowning so hard. And blinking. And feeling slightly dazed.

In fact, am I making any sense at all? God. Blog coherence decreases in inverse proportion to the amount of other writing work I'm doing. Sorry.