Saturday, June 30, 2007


'Love at First Sting' is now available - direct from Cleis Press or at Amazon. My story 'The '76 Revolution' is about a girl discovering punk, love and bondage. All at once.


A little bit more

...An anthology edited by Emily Dubberley and featuring 'Swapping Recipes', my story about a couple who go to a swinger's party, is out now!

Available for instant download at

And in other news, Mandy M Roth interviewed me and fellow Virgin authors Portia Da Costa, Anne Tourney, Gwen Masters, Olivia Knight and Madelynne Ellis as part of a week long focus on Our Glorious Publisher.

Speaking of which, our latest Black Lace Focus Group (Madelynne Ellis, Janine Ashbless, Mathilde Madden et moi) recently stumbled on the Secret Headquarters of Nexus books. As you can see, the staff are on their way to work in full uniform...

Friday, June 22, 2007

Sex with Strangers...

Out in the US today! Available at Amazon, or for one lucky commenter on lust bites today!

(And now its time for a holiday! Phew!)

x Nikki

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Oh my God

I'm not blogging, I am offering musical interludes instead.

Loving this song...and Lily Allen's green eyeshadow.

(Mark Ronson feat Lily Allen, covering The Kaiser Chief's 'Oh My God')

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Next week on Lust Bites

- is 'Write Sex Week'.

Much excitement backstage, as we'll be having posts daily from various different guests, including Felix Baron of Nexus, Huck Berry and Jeremy Edwards.

It's promising to be a scintillating mass debate (sorry) about gender and sex issues in erotica, including the contentious issue of women-only publishers. We'll be asking questions and making sure everybody observes Queensbury Rules, boys and girls both.

Be sure to stop by and add your two-cents!

PS - I know the hedgehogs aren't relevant. But I love that picture...

Monday, June 04, 2007

All change!

From now on this blog will be updated much less frequently. News and announcements of publications will be posted, but there will be no more vague ramblings. I find I’m writing blogs when I should be writing fiction – and Blogger has become a huge time sink.

Check out lust bites for regular features from me and a host of other erotica writers – updated several times a week. And hopefully you can expect to see a lot more fiction getting published and stuck on the sidebar as I get my act together and start working harder!

See you all round!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Under his hand, I blossom the title of a story I fervently hope will be appearing in a very cool anthology next February. Can't say for 100% sure yet, because it's not totally confirmed. But I am quietly whooping...

Other news - the ever-generous Desdmona is now accepting submissions for the Sixties Short Story competition. Deadline in July - so I'm trying to tune in, turn on and drop out early.

This usually means I'll do a month of random over-the-top research (my second favourite activity) and then not use any of it. Currently I'm learning about the satellite station at Goonhilly. I can't remember why, but its interesting.