Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sleepless nights

I am snuffly and riddled with insomnia, and I have a lot of deadlines this month, so I might be a bit sporadic. Yeah, yeah, what else is new...!

Anyway, over at lustbites, we're planning an 'Ask the Writers' session. We're now ready and waiting to answer your questions. Jump over and ask us what you want to know about writing and erotica. We'll be picking some of the best questions and doing our very best to answer them.

Oh, and I'll be there on Friday overseeing the boxing match between Sexy and Beautiful. Just so long as I can remember what the brilliant idea was that I had at half four in the morning.

Plus next week, I'll be Girl Crushing. Not literally, because that would be messy.

It's International Women's Day on Thursday, so to celebrate I'll be revealing which lady is my current pin up...

Right, nose back to the grindstone/handkerchief...

Friday, February 23, 2007

Nikki Magennis - about the author

A Scottish author of erotica, erotic romance and other erratic types of writing.

I have lived in Scotland since I was three years old, from the north to the middle and a little to the side.

I'm an art school drop-out, sometime poet and have a typing speed of 80 wpm. Hold on, this isn't a job application, is it?

I had about a hundred jobs before I became an author - from barmaid to life model to tutor to theatre work. Obviously, I much prefer sitting on my arse making up stories all day. *Cough* I mean writing.

My work's usually burrowing about in the connections between people, trying to work out how and why people live and love and fuck. I'm terrible at describing it, but here are what some other people have said about it:



"THE NEW RAKES is a fascinating, sexy and exciting read. Ms. Magennis has written a story with great female characters, sexy males and a plot that doesn’t quit."

5 pixies, Becky Gaede at Dark Angel Reviews

"Nikki Magennis’s Circus Excite – a beautiful and very hot book full of magic and wonder and smut. Literary erotica. In a good way – a really good way."

Mathilde Madden for Reflection's Edge Reviews

“CIRCUS EXCITE by Nikki Magennis is not only a hot read, it’s also full of intriguing detail about this unique erotic circus setting.”

Saskia Walker, author of Reckless and Double Dare


'Glittery, dark and gorgeous'

Alison Tyler on 'Madrid'

'Nikki has a gift for saying a hell of a lot with an almost minimalist number of words. Hair Trigger introduces a fetish relationship from its climactic beginning through to its cataclysmic denouement. The description is rich and colourful and the power is superbly strong.’

Ashley Lister at the ERWA reviews F is for Fetish

"When the short forms are used with ├ęclat and real severity, they are bright and entertaining gems of understatement that create a much larger and more lush sense of authentic pleasure precisely because they excite by inference. The obvious comparison is well-executed haiku, which leave the subtle imprint of nature in a few syllables. Like Haiku, Nikki Magennis’s “Sweets” makes short, but thorough, work of the erotic potential in sucrose."

Steven Hart for Erotica Revealed reviews Frenzy

With a nod to O. Henry, this story, presented by Nikki Magennis, transports us with its use of sensory majesty. A reader can hear the screech of rusted chain, see the colors of yellow jackets and wind-burned faces, feel the mist rising from the ocean, taste the lust, and smell the sex. But most importantly, there is love—rooted, passionate, sacrificial—the best kind.

Desdmona, on ‘Salt’ (honourable mention, Desdmona’s tattoo story comp 2007)


Contact the author: nikki dot magennis at googlemail dot com

Read a full list of publications here.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Wanted - blog nanny

You know how there's the 'phone nanny' service for when you're drunk? You dial a number and it refuses to let you make that 3am call to your ex where you slobber down the line and shriek and rail and ask where it all went wrong.

I'm thinking I need one like that for bloggering, only when PMT strikes. Around every 28 days the computer will seize up and stop me from pouring out vitriol and hyperbole into the universe.

Right now I'm having to try and stop myself, and correct me if I'm wrong, but a madwoman with rampant hormones just isn't up to self-censure.


Right, off to chew the radiators. The oestrogen is also compelling me to write an erotic mock-historical paranormal romance, when I should be doing the complete opposite. Automatic writing, yes, fine, but it's tosh. Someone take the notebook out of my hands now, please, before I do something I regret. You can give me it back in 5 to 7 days when I'm feeling less female.

Friday, February 16, 2007

It's a circus...

Today it's my turn to pimp my book over at lustbites.

Just for kicks, here's a very small taste of Circus Excite - an early scene with Robert and Julia. This is after Julia's fucked up a dance routine, when Robert takes her into his caravan to show her what the circus is all about.

(I'm sorry it's short and relatively clean - for some reason I get all coy about putting explicit scenes up here. If you want the juicy bits, I'm afraid you'll just have to get the book!)


‘This circus is about arousal, Julia. About getting horny. What I want from you is a mind-fuck. You can’t just wriggle your ass and turn me on.’ Julia felt the white-hot shock of his words, so intimate and direct. Was he still talking about the show? Was he bluntly telling her he didn’t want to fuck her? Robert seemed to read her mind:
‘What you fear is often the source of your most powerful sexuality. What makes you angry, what disgusts you, even. What were you thinking of, this afternoon? What is it you really desire?’
Julia hesitated, her mind racing. How should she react to this? She didn’t know if Robert was offering a challenge or asking a rhetorical question. As she sipped at her wine, playing for time, she remembered the photo of Josephine Baker, curling over on her back with an expression of tense, joyous sensuality. The image of a woman so explosively sexual, so dynamic and vibrant, was what had driven her through dance school.
‘I want to blow everyone away’ she heard herself blurt out.
Robert remained silent, waiting, it seemed, for Julia to elaborate. When she stayed silent, feeling embarrassed, he spoke in a voice so soft Julia wasn’t sure she’d heard him right.
‘Take off the shirt, Julia.’ he repeated, slowly, sitting motionless opposite her.

From Circus Excite, © 2006 Nikki Magennis

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dipping into the strange again.

While looking for erotic circus pictures, I found this fabulous site. I could explore it all day. Mostly its worksafe, but for a few dark corners.

And I also recently discovered hentai - a few centuries after everyone else. This beautiful picture was in Scarlet magazine, but if you put 'hentai' into google then a whole universe of strange and disturbing stuff comes up, a lot of which I'm sure is illegal. Take care when exploring, cosmonauts.

Today I'm thinking Barbarella, Bongwater, music videos and Fabulous Costumes. Psyching myself up to write the first chapter, which keeps eluding me...I think it needs to be darker and wilder. I'm toying with Jack Kerouac's advice on writing just now:

"No pause to think of proper word but the infantile pileup of scatological buildup words till satisfaction is gained, which will turn out to be a great appending rhythm to a thought and be in accordance with Great Law of timing."

Oh my.

Monday, February 12, 2007


I want to use this photo for my beloved's Valentine's card. The skellys were recently found in Italy by archaeologists (Read the story here). I think it's utterly beautiful, that they're still entwined after thousands of years.

This is how I'd like to be laid to rest, eventually.

What d'you think? A little too morbid? Should I stick with hearts and flowers?

Apparently there's a bit of St Valentine's kneecap in Glasgow Cathedral, so maybe relics and Valentines go well together. (And boyf, if you're reading this, then you just ruined your surprise.)

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Today I wish to build a time machine.

image from Time Machine installation.

Apparently it's possible to move forwards in time if you just go very fast.

Something about that statement makes my head hurt. Anyway, I'm planning to attend the Time Traveller's conference, two years ago. Unfortunately nobody from the future attended. Yet.

I think this will be a good way to spend a rainy Sunday.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Small loves

'Dot' by Jim Hodges, 1999

Sometime, I intend to write a book with this title. Here are some small loves:

White washes. The smell of laundry and the crinkled cotton. Particularly - two people folding linen, the little dance they do back and forth.

Letters and parcels from abroad. The stamps and labels and customs declarations, the scars of the journey.

Lime. In vodka and soda, on monkfish, with rum and mint. It makes everything taste promising.


The exact moment of dusk falling, with a pink sky and neon scribbles, streetlights on when its still light.

Light shops - you know, the ones where you go to buy lampshades or candelabras or chandeliers or spotlights, when there's a thousand bulbs burning and crystals hanging elegantly everywhere and you are bathed in dazzling light. I never buy anything, I just wander about like a disco ball junkie, smiling.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The wild angels

Lately there's been a lot of soul searching Chez Nikki. Imagination has been striding forward with seven-league boots on, picturing the future and asking a lot of awkward questions in the meantime. I picture the future as a kind of fearsome woman with cowboy boots and her hands on her hips. Right now she's reeling questions at me.

"What the hell are you up to?"

"So where is this damn book, then?"

"Are you sure about that?"


I was trying to answer her, but in the end I always want to respond to questions like that with

this song:

Ah Bobby. Are you not beautiful?

Sunday, February 04, 2007

City rats at full moon

Friday night the usual mix - beer, vodka, wine, vodka, anything to achieve a pleasant state of oblivion. The city gears up for full moon fever. In Glasgow people lurch from one weekend to another, making as much noise as possible inbetween. Finally at two we fall into bed - and then there's a bang. Outside - a car wrapped round a bollard, actually bent in half. Windscreen smashed to hell. I call the ambulance, but being half drunk and confused end up shouting at the guy in the call centre until boyf has to take over.*

I'm quick in a crisis, but not polite.

Sirens, shouting, flashing lights.

I'm tired of living in the city. The street outside is the man drag for local boyracers, with their nuclear-powered stereos and novelty car horns. Motorways bisect everything here - they're building more. I'm drowning in cars.

I miss the sea, birdsong and open spaces. Soon, very soon, we're making for the wilderness.

But on the good side, I had a kind of spontaneous overview of work this weekend, and realised some long-dithered over plans. I've started a new story that's so close to the bone I'm unsure about writing it - but then, they say if you're scared by your writing you're doing well, right? I've come up with strategies and ideas and forecasts which really excite me. I've enlisted a partner in crime. The daffodils are up, and crocuses too.

Spring is in the air. Ad aspera per astra. Bring it on.

(*Nobody was seriously injured in the smash up. And the local Youth refrained, miraculously, from setting the car on fire. So the picture is a little overdramatic, but you know, poetic license, etc.)