Sunday, September 25, 2011

Steamlust ahoy!

Not long now!

Have you read the lovely review at Publisher's Weekly?

Wright’s anthology of sizzling steampunk romance is a sensual, passionate, and humorous collection of alternate histories, fantastical worlds, and time travel romps. The heroines are strong-willed, intelligent, technologically savvy, and elegant in their fashionable corsets. Some are attracted to men who are half-machine, as in Sylvia Day’s “Iron Hard,” Christine d’Abo’s “The Undeciphered Heart,” and Nikki Magennis’s “Make Your Own Miracles.” Others are seduced by the wonders of flying airships and robots in Saskia Walker’s “Heart of the Daedalus” and Sacchi Green’s “Fog, Flight and Moonlight.” There are same-sex affairs aplenty; the best is Anya Richards’s powerful “Rescue My Heart.” Not content to titillate, these passionate vignettes will also satisfy steampunk fans intellectually with nuanced discussions of self-sufficient women and the roles that machines play in our lives.

And have you watched the trailer lately?

750 views, and so far only one person's called it 'a bit weird'!

Preorder the book  here.


Jo said...

Whenever the kids tell their dad he's weird, he says 'I'm Not WEIRD' in a weird voice, it's very effective. Maybe you should try that :)

Cari Silverwood said...

Weird? No, it's gorgeous. A work of art. Shades the anthology with a very professional if kinky aura. I should get you to make me one of these for my steampunk :)
The work someone put into this is just awesome to contemplate.
The music, the use of the mediums you chose, the way it comes together as a story in its own right...WOW
*clap clap clap*

Remittance Girl said...

My GOD, what a brilliant piece of animation. That has to be the best book trailer I've ever seen. Brilliant!

Nikki Magennis said...

Cari and Remittance Girl - thank you both ever so much. There was such a lot of work in this film, it's lovely to hear people have enjoyed it.

Cari Silverwood said...

I can't resist on my second look at this. Posting the link to it on my facebook. Too brilliant to leave it on your page

Nikki Magennis said...

Thanks for the sharing, Cari!

Fiona Archer said...

Nikki, this is going onto my facebook page. Brilliant. Simply...Brilliant! The best book trailer I've ever come across.

Nikki Magennis said...

Thanks very much, Fiona, so glad you like it!