Monday, July 18, 2011

Nothing much

For the first time in a long while I have no major work commitments. I have an animation to do, and one story I'm working on for my writing lessons, but otherwise, I am free to think about where I'm going next.

This weekend I mostly slept. I didn't go anywhere, do anything much. I dreamed I'd phoned in sick. For months, I've been working whenever the baby slept or whenever someone else could look after him. I think it might be time to have a little pause.

In the space of nothing much, I'm going to look at the inside of nothing much and see what it suggests. Sometimes the best things are contained within what looks like an empty space.

I could go any of several ways. I don't want to waste time dithering with decisions, but making the wrong choices can end up wasting more time in the long run. I don't mean to be cryptic. This is a vague time right now.

I'll be a little quiet, and I'll write this vague, undecided story I'm working on.

1 comment:

Jo said...

I like it. I relate to quiet, vague, dithering stillness.