Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Dawn Chorus

This news definitely made me feel like breaking into song - my story 'Dawn Chorus' will appear in Kristina Wright's 'Best Erotic Romance'! Here's the TOC, looks absolutely delectable:

Introduction: Simply the Best

What Happened in Vegas     Sylvia Day

First Night       Donna George Storey

Another Trick Up My Sleeve      Heidi Champa

Drive Me Crazy      Delilah Devlin

Once Upon a Dinner Date      Saskia Walker

He Tends To Me       Justine Elyot

Guest Services      Angela Caperton

Memories for Sale      Andrea Dale

Blame It On Facebook      Kate Dominic

The Draft       Craig J. Sorensen

To Be in Clover      Shanna Germain

Honey Changes Everything      Emerald

Cheating Time      Kate Pearce

Our Own Private Champagne Room      Rachel Kramer Bussel

Till the Storm Breaks      Erobintica

The Curve of Her Belly     Kristina Wright

Dawn Chorus     Nikki Magennis


Justine Elyot said...

This looks amazing - always an honour to be included in a book with you. Congratulations!

Alana Noel Voth said...

Hey there! Congratulations.

Two places a writer always wants her work positioned in an anthology: first or last. You get to close the book. Bravo! XO