Saturday, June 25, 2011

I love the sound of breaking glass

I really don't, actually. Especially when I'm under it. When I was an art student, making a super 8 film - because you HAD TO in those days, to be an Artist - I shot a sequence through water - a huge fishtank suspended at the corners between two tables. I lay under it and my friend washed her face while I filmed it.
Moments after I stopped and slid out from under the set-up, there was a crack that sounded like the earth opening up. A four-foot by three foot tank holds a lot of water. Gravity is unforgiving.

I used to think I was particularly lucky but sometimes I wonder if I'm actually spectacularly stupid. Today I had the set up I've been toiling over for weeks all fixed up - light source, shadow frame, camera, props, dolls. (This is for the steamlust animation). I just broke it. Light stand, frame glass, snap crash caboom crack fuck.

In order not to cry, here's a haiku:

words cling to the page
as rain clings to the grass stem
I slip on the path

Oh. I just realised there are very small shards of broken glass from the frame all over the desk. That is what the uncomfortable pricking on my forearms was. Which is now a bit bleeding. God, you really do suffer for art, don't you? 


Jo said...

Oh, shit, Nikki. I'm so so sorry :(

I'm so glad you weren't crushed by the fish tank.

Um. Masking tape or duct tape, to pull out the little bits of glass, if you're worried they're still stuck?

I got that tip for nettle stings, but it might still apply.

Nikki Magennis said...

Thank you, Jo! I'm glad I escaped death by fish tank, too. I must say, now I'm a parent, all those misadventures of my youth look so much less funny. I hope the Boo is less reckless than I was.

And thanks for the tip, I think I managed to suck the glass bits out. Stupid idiot that I am. *Sigh*

Emerald said...

Oh, I'm sorry too, Nikki. :( That sounds like quite a disappointment. And of course I too am glad you escaped the fish tank episode safely.

For what it's worth, it occurs to me that you're certainly not a "stupid idiot" but truly devoted to a vision that you see (which from your writing has often seemed strikingly beautiful to me), and it may run stronger than considerations of practicality once in a while. The offering is coming forth in me to take a deep breath when you feel really involved and go with what feels right (which seems to me right now may sometimes look impractical, and at other times if there truly is danger present, you may find yourself in the space of a deep breath becoming aware of that).

I hope that doesn't seem sanctimonious or like I'm telling you what to do...the offering really did just seem to come through me as I read and started commenting. Xoxo

Nikki Magennis said...

Emerald, I can't imagine you ever being sanctimonious my dear! A good deep breath is a really good idea. I'll give it a shot next time I find myself staring down the barrel of a really, really stupid idea ... : )

Fulani said...

It's happened to the best of us, and it's even happened to me before mow. So you're not alone. Spectacularly annoying as it is, personally I've always found that rebuilding that kind of thing is not only quicker than the original setup but somehow seems to give it more energy.

Hope it all works out well in the end. And for what it's worth, when it's done, remember the immortal words of Neil Innes (of the Bonzo Dog Doodah Band) when he came on stage and greeted the audience - "I've suffered for my art. Now it's your turn!"