Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How to work

Does anybody blog any more? Everybody seems to be hanging out on facebox and twitter. Things are faster there. I've been trying to focus more lately and leave the peripherals be for the moment. By which to say, I'm doing prioritisation.

I want to be bringing up my son primarily and just working a little when I can, without letting it stress me out. As most of you will know if you're writers or work in the creative field, this sounds sort of easy but is not.

The ideas can scare me. So much to write. It's like hunting, with a forest full of strange and remarkable creatures. You're the only hunter and they will tend to slip away if you don't find them quickly and kill them. Leaving a story half done feels like maiming an animal. Maybe that's overdramatic. Still, I hunt stories like trophies, nail them on the wall, forget about them. It's not necessarily a healthy way to work.

Some people talk about being born writers. I am not one of them. I don't believe in talent - only desire and hard work and luck. I believe everyone has innate creative energy and that we can pour it into many things - work, art, life. Lately I've been thinking how good it might be to just be what I need to be - a mother - and let the other stresses fall back a little. I want to keep house, too.

Why is one kind of work seen as more valuable? What do I really hope to achieve, where do I think I will get with one but not the other? Either and all work can be healthy or unhealthy, depending on how we approach it.

This is turning into a ramble. Still, that's okay, because everyone is elsewhere, somewhere faster. I'll keep sweeping the floor in an empty house, see what I find.


Fulani said...

Well, you're obviously a writer, artist, mother and a bunch of other things too - and most of us these days have multiple identities and have to find a balance that allows us to achieve the things that are important to us.

I do find writing is a bit of an OCD thing, though, always in my head until a story's done and then once it's done I forget about it because the next one is there waiting to be started. But I suspect that would be familiar to you, too - seems to be the curse of being creative.

I haven't joined the Twitterati either, though may do so sometime soon. What's stopping me are the thoughts that (a) if I want to write, I need time away from constant interruption to get stuff done and (b) the life of a writer isn't all that interesting. For the most part, the most sensible tweet I'd be able to do would be something like 'just done 200 words. Wondering where the next sentence is coming from.' Exceptions, like tomorrow when V and I and doing a bondage suspension demo at a club, are comparatively rare!

Nikki Magennis said...

Ha, you'd be surprised (or not) how many tweets say almost exactly that!

How fun about the demo, best of luck with it!

Jo said...

No, I'm here. And at my house(s) too, if anyone's reading. Not many people come by to chat anymore, it makes me sad. Facebook is fun, but there's not so much art to it. Well, you art it up, nicely - but I feel pretentious, being poetic on facebook, I think.

There is a value placed on making money from something you love - success in its best terms? I don't get enough out of housework to have it feel fulfilling - it's more like a constant, nagging failure. I just cleaned up a bit but I don't get any satisfaction from it, just a feeling of incapability and inadequacy. Sigh.

I don't think blogging will be over. Quiet for a while, people seem busy now. And it's summer. The sun is shining today, and no one seems to be anywhere, facebook is quiet too.

Nikki Magennis said...

Interesting, Jo. I've been reading about housework from a Buddhist point of view. 'Sweeping is just sweeping'. It's interesting to see how it makes us feel.

I feel scared of being seen as pretentious a bit sometimes, but never mind, it's just a fail thing and failing is good for the soul.

Jo said...

No, and you never are! I was thinking as I wrote it that it might seem I was suggesting that. See.. it all depends on who you know your audience is, see...

Erobintica said...

I miss the blog interaction too, mainly because it tends to be more thoughtful. Not having to worry about how many characters you're typing. My blog is kind of where I think out loud (or pour my heart out), even when not too many are listening. And it's funny, but I can be much more open on my blog, which is always there once it's published (unless I delete it I guess), whereas I tend to be much less so on FB or Twitter.

As for the mother stuff, I'm at the tail end of being really needed, and after 27 years of momness, it's hard to make the switchover to thinking just about what I want to/need to do. This coming fall will be the real telling, when they're all out of the house.

PiecesOfMe said...

i have to confess that i m not at facebook or twitter because..honestly..i hate both of these mediums...they are so..i dunno...and i just got back to blogging after not blogging the whole me blogs do have a comebackright now:-)

and i m so happy that you are blogging again...