Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dream Lover

Yeah, well, I thought this picture would come out differently. That's probably obvious. Wow. I have a lot of split ends.

ANYWAY - hooray, for Dream Lover has arrived in the UK! At least, I got my copies, and anybody else who didn't can try to prise them out of my cold, dead hands!

The book includes 'Old Fashioned Glamour', an excerpt from an unwritten trilogy of paranormal romantic erotic something novels. About witches. And sheep. And motorcars.

Here's a snip:

' ... there’s no difference between a glamour and a haze and a love spell as far as I’m concerned. And because if I have you, I’ll have you naked.’
He kept his eyes locked on mine even as the blush rose to my cheeks. He lifted his wrists and started to unbutton his shirt. Underneath, his skin was the alabaster smooth, taut pallor that I remembered. Like a polished sculpture. A drift of freckles was strewn over his shoulders, and his nipples were as pale as rose quartz.
‘Without adornment.’ He walked to me, close enough that I could smell the milk and wool of his sweat. He lifted my hair and laid it behind my shoulders. Such a small gesture, but I felt so exposed. Between us, the locket lay heavy on my collarbone.
‘Let history be left behind,’ he said softly. ‘Trust me, Amy.’
I wet my lips. Scott was asking me to let go of everything I’d carried with me for all these years.
To be free of it, to lay down all the enchantments and the regret and the hidden weaponry and meet him as just a woman again, oh, how the thought of it made my bones ache with weary longing. Up above us a violet sunset seeped into the clouds, and somewhere in the forest a woodpigeon sang. 
Without speaking, I pulled down the zip on my dress. I didn’t turn away from him as I removed my clothes. This was only half a striptease, and half a promise. A way to show him that I was willing to lay myself bare for him.


Jo said...

Wow, gorgeous extract. And it's not an unflattering picture, it's just more cute than sex-ay. :) I think you're just being mindful of that study from yesterday :)

Fulani said...

Cool - 'the milk and wool of his sweat' is evocative. Well, the whole piece is, actually. Great stuff.

Sharazade said...

"taut pallor" Nice.

Jo said...

I liked milk and wool too. And rose quartz nipples. And the whole thing :)

Nikki Magennis said...

Thanks so much, all! I think this book's going to be a very exciting read, only just started dipping in but looks great company so far!

Kristina Wright said...

I think I'm as excited to find out if the writers like the book as I am the readers! :) Thanks for your wonderful contribution!!

Lucy Felthouse said...

I got mine on Monday - I was so excited! Though I wasn't brave enough to put my face in my pic.

I can't wait to start reading - I feel so honoured to be amongst such illustrious company!

Craig Sorensen said...


I got mine last week as well, but things have been a little crazy so I haven't been able to dig into it yet.

I love your excerpt, and I'm looking forward to reading the whole story!