Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Recovering, at last. I loved today's prompt - so nice to be reminded of the sensual possibilities of poetry. And life.


Bliss is too easy.
If all it took was the soap fresh tang
of coriander, a long view across the Carse
to where the landscape’s daily opus
plays out on the fells, and somewhere

the knowledge of you

if it was really that simple,
then why
would I have ever buried my head
in dust and tar and the wrong
laps, spent acres of wasted time

desperately begging life
to be bigger

when this inch of afternoon, too
run down to work, too tired
to argue, too pushed to care,

I surrendered, fell across
the unmade bed, mouth open
hair spilling, arm
stuck under my sleeping son, and woke
to find happiness
stuck all over my pins-and-needles numb hand, like glitter.

If all it takes is that long view, I’ll get
up and keep walking,
my soundtrack the memory of a song
dancing crooked around my head:

Sweet Jane
Sweet Jane
Sweet Jane


Jo said...

Oh, that's gorgeous :)

Hmm. I'd buy a book of sleep porn right now. Photos and descriptions of people sleeping happily, comfortably, dreamily. Nyom.

Gina Marie said...

There are so many wonderful words and lines in this poem -- so lyrical!

Hugs Nikki