Friday, March 11, 2011


A jewellery case, given to me years ago by an anonymous admirer. Inside, ruby red earrings, like drops of blood. A necklace like a cut-throat. A note, illegible.
I wear the jewels, I step out into the city in ruby red shoes, my mouth lipstick'd. I am carrying letters, marked by my red kisses. A handsome movie star invites me to a shuttered, derelict building, to sit with him at a banquet at a dirty table. He is trying to seduce me. The table is covered in drug dust. Dumb, as one is in dreams, I sit down, I accept. 

occassional 100 word flash


Craig Sorensen said...

Vivid red. Nice.

Jo said...

Wow. Beautiful pictures. Sound like your red shoes story too.