Sunday, February 06, 2011


'What's the problem'
'I'm tired.'
'When the baby sleeps, I work.'
'Ah. That conundrum. It's one or the other, is it? Baby or work.'
'You need to rest.'
'You're right. God, you're so right. I could and I should.'
'Absolutely. Next time you have a free hour or so, just spend it doing something that you love, something that makes you whole, something to replenish the well.'
'Like - go for a walk?'
'Walk. Swim. Read. Have a bath. We need moments of joy in our lives.'
'Yes. You're right. So right. Such a wonderful idea. Thank you.'
'Excuse me, what is - what are you doing?'
'I'm just taking a note. You know, the idea of needing joy, how women do all this invisible work, how tired everyone is, how we're so much less tired than sweatshop workers, how we live in a culture of complaint, I had this idea for an essay, or a story, maybe a novel, maybe some poems, oh, even, I'd love to do a film. Wouldn't that be interesting? Don't you think? Hello? Hello?'


Fulani said...

Made me laugh. No babies round here, but that kind of conversation is certainly something I recognise!

Jo said...

I don't quite know what to say to this, but I'm commenting because my wv is 'placator'.

I often catch myself thinking how hard women in previous generations worked compared to me - I just let it all slide and feel helpless. I did clean the kitchen sink today though...

Shanna Germain said...

This made me laugh with delight. Yes, it's exactly like that! :)

Nikki Magennis said...

Yes, it's a bit of a liability, having a brain with no 'off' switch, isn't it?

Madeline Moore said...

Nikki, babies only nap for so long. Then they stop napping.
Mine stopped at two.

When baby sleeps, you should be napping.

My friend from Nepal says we North American women work much harder than women in Nepal do, because they all have servants.
Ok, maybe the servants are working harder than we do, but then, maybe not.

Kristina said...

Yes, yes, yes! I have had almost the exact same conversation. We can't help ourselves, can we?