Monday, January 31, 2011

Stay for breakfast?

End of January! End of the condom-celebrations! Today I'll stick everyone's name in a hat and get the baby to pick a bit of paper. Anyone who's commented or contributed will go in the draw. Thanks so much, everyone who's visited, read and taken part. I'm going to collect the flash and other offerings and stick them in a new blog, Rubber Soul, so if you happen to stumble on anything condom related, do send it in and I'll stash it in there.

To finish off the posts, here's Jeremy Edwards' fabulous little scene from 'Le Petit Dejeuner', published in 'A for Amour', edited by Alison Tyler.:

As we make love, I imagine that we are in Paris. That there is a bidet in our bathroom. That people are speaking French on the sidewalk below. That around the corner is the little pharmacy where I had to resort to an earthy pantomime to indicate that I required a box of condoms. Where the pharmacist, a handsome woman of about 35 with dark, humorous eyes, smiled at me when I paid for them.

“Tell me about the pharmacienne,” Lisa requested our last night in Paris, just as I was penetrating her slick hole with bedtime vigor. “Fuck me and tell me how she looked at you.” Lisa got off on the idea that the druggist had watched me as if she wanted to personally administer the dose of condoms she had provided. She still asks to hear about it some nights, three years later.


Emerald said...

Lovely! Thanks for sharing, Jeremy and Nikki!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, Nikki—and Emerald!

It hadn't occurred to me when I sent this that I was sneaking in at the last minute. Thanks for waiting on me before the pharmacy closed!

P.S. Love the name of the rubber blog.

Nikki Magennis said...

Jeremy, it's lovely to have you to wrap things up with! Thanks for your lovely excerpt.