Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mexican Standoff

Rick visits the chemist that afternoon, buys a stock of extra-strong. Smiles at the pharmacist as she slides a paper bag across the counter.
After midnight in the dim-lit nightclub toilets, Danny drops a coin in the machine, rattles the drawer open, pockets the box.
They meet at the bar. Knock back a couple of tequilas. Rick pushes Danny’s hair behind his ear and lets his hand rest on the other man’s neck. He can feel his pulse, hot and steady.
They kiss hard enough to get stubble burn. Both reach for their back pockets. Smile.
No-one loses this draw.

# something-plus-one in a series of 100 word flash celebrating the condom


Jo said...

LOVE your last line.

And it reminds me vaguely of the time I went to get condoms in the men's loo in my local, and the machine ate my money, so I had to go ask behind the bar and John the bar man was SO nice to me ever after that.

Why didn't they have a machine in the women's toilet?? Shame shame...

Fulani said...

Very cool! Nicely done.

Emerald said...