Thursday, December 16, 2010


I have a 12 month old baby on my lap right now bashing me with the sharp corner of my favourite Mazzy Star CD - what better time to set a contest in celebration of our favourite stretchy superhero, the condom?


Actually, this comp is in honour of recent encouraging news about the fight to find HIV treatments. It's great to hear about possible hope.

But I read this article and what struck me was a comment left by someone: 'Eroticise the condom'.

Well, I may not be able to do much, but that's something within my sphere of possible!

So, for the chance to win a signed copy of the fabulous Vampire erotica anthology 'The Sweetest Kiss', post your used condoms to me at - no, wait, that was a joke. Really.

Enter either with a short flash bit of fiction (up to 100 words) about how acquiring, wearing and sharing condoms is sexxxy, or a thought about what makes those little scraps of rubbery stuff so fucking wonderful. (Fucking wonderfully). Non-writers, don't feel left out! This contest is for everyone. Pop in and slip on your favourite brand of johnny, and show it off. I mean, let me know what kind it is.

Enter by midnight GMT, the end of the year. I'll pick a winner and post out this lovely book and maybe some lucky prophylactics, too.


Emerald said...

What an awesome idea, Nikki. Personally, I love to see condoms included in erotica (I've actually tended to cringe when they've not been). I've made it a point to explicitly include them in my own work.

Heh, I feel self-conscious about the idea of formulating and posting a flash piece here (hehe), so I will say that to me, the fabulousness of condoms seems obvious—but if I had to sum it up concisely, it would be as follows:

Basically, without condoms, the sex life I have had would not have existed.

(And that makes them seem pretty wonderful to me!)

Nikki Magennis said...

Yay, Emerald! Lovely to see you here, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

And yes, I realised it might be a bit intimidating to share condom stories. So I'm going to write a couple, or a post or two, to kick it off. Just as soon as I get a minute!

Madeline Moore said...

Back in what Jack Nicholson calls "The Golden Age of Sex" (post- pill, pre-HIV) we believed in free love. But I believed the pill might be very bad for me. Who could trust the drug companies, hm? So condoms made good sense, as birth control. I wasn't wildly promiscuous or even promiscuous, in my opinion, but a shudder ripples across my shoulders at the thought of some of the babies I might have mothered had I not used proper protection. As it turned out, my two babies were both planned.
Nowadays condoms are used as much (or more?) for protection from STDs as they are for birth control. A quick trip to the drugstore for three or more and a guy is good to go. The sexual partners share in the responsibility for preventing unwanted pregnancies and STDs.
All of that wrapped up in a packet the size of an old fashion photo slide. Condoms are cool. They always have been and I'm guessing they always will be. Amen.

Nikki Magennis said...

Madeline, I love it, thank you!