Thursday, October 14, 2010

Notes from the wayside

Today I have some time in the studio.

Little time.

I am getting somewhere. I know this blog is the wrong place to put this stuff. What I'm trying to do today is break through the walls I've made. Maybe cross pollination is in order. Maybe one needs, sometimes, to go over an edge to get anywhere.

Anyway. I'm trying to marry imagined forms and observed landscapes. I'm trying to scratch my way through the paint to find the picture. It's muddy and messy and I feel a little unhinged.

The best time is when there are so many voices in your head you learn to ignore the fuckers. Eventually, they drown each other out.


Jeremy Edwards said...

Interesting that you're talking about cross pollination today. Yesterday I was pondering the possibilities for combining two art forms. Granted, I didn't get anywhere... but still. : )

Nikki Magennis said...

Keep going, Jeremy! You may not achieve the result you're trying for but I think in the striving interesting things can happen!

Shanna Germain said...

"The best time is when there are so many voices in your head you learn to ignore the fuckers. Eventually, they drown each other out."

Yes! And true of negative people too! :)

Jo said...

You write like me!! More legibly, but still... that 'illusion of control' could be mine!

this is like the time I realised the girl on the phone at the Indian takeaway could be my voice twin.

Nikki Magennis said...

Shanna - ah, let the bastards hoist themselves by their own petards. And if you find out what a petard is, let me know.

Jo - did I tell you my day job is answering the phone in an Indian takeaway in Ireland?

Jo said...

Ha :) No, I made my husband check her out - she's in her twenties, and not dissimilar to me then. It's v strange. I want to ask her does she notice, when I call to order food, and we both say ok, thanks, byeee in exactly the same way :)

wv: oele - so french and pretty!

Craig Sorensen said...

So strange. It's been years since I did visual arts (other than an occasional sketch or doodle) and I've been thinking of this way approach it in a new way.

Not really a cross pollination story, but a different approach to the media that will kind of bind my visual art to my writing and my nine to five life.

I'm still working on it... making progress. Matter of fact, I'm working on it now...

Hope you are doing the same.


Madeline Moore said...

petard - a short piece of rope or cord used to fire big guns like cannons. (Thank you, Felix) If you were found guilty of a crime they used your own petard to hang you with.

Now, to comment - reminds me of the time I yelled, 'Shut up everybody, I'm trying to think!'

I was alone at the time.

I adore you, Nikki.