Thursday, September 30, 2010


I follow the baby around, wondering when he will learn what is dangerous and what is fine, how to be safe in the world.

Then I realise that knives will always be sharp, stairs will always be steep, and his bones will always be breakable.

I think I'm a really morbid parent, in between being quite crap at it.

Anyway, today I am waiting for the babe to wake from his nap so I can strap him to my chest and start to move pictures into the half-finished studio.

Tomorrow I will open my doors (fnar fnar, thank you) for the world - who I am fairly sure won't be in a big rush to come along. 'Publicity disaster, total fiasco, the worst organised event in history' - this is what they will be saying years from now! (I'm not being self deprecating, I'm actually being passive aggressive towards the fuckwit that [didn't] organise the event.])

Ah, my glittering career. Isn't it pretty? From a distance, this car-wreck affair looks quite glamorous, no? No? How about if you squint?

'Life is a shipwreck, but we sing in the lifeboats' - Voltaire - quote of the week, via Shanna Germain, who would certainly be my desert island companion of choice.


Craig Sorensen said...

I'm sure your show will come off well (says the man who has been known to fall firmly on his face at poetry readings.) Life goes on.

Just do your thing with style and grace, and things will be fine.

And I'm willing to wager you're a fine parent. You're right, you can't protect them from the world, so you do your best and help them up when they fall.

All the best with the show.

Nikki Magennis said...

*Writing list*:

Style, grace, aplomb. A fuckin basket of aplombs.

Great! Where do I get these things?

; ) Thanks Craig!

Jo said...

We're all crap parents, Hon. I was such a better parent before I had any children. I wish we were closer, so we could have bad-mother-support-coffee mornings.

And the darkest hour is always before dawn! I hope your show does come off satisfactorily, and if not, well... learning experience. Curses be on the head of the fuckwit!


Nikki Magennis said...

Jo, curses noted and appreciated, ta!

I'm just going to do my best to have fun, fuckit. And make muffins. Muffins are fun. Yes, they are.

Nikki Magennis said...

And oh fuck yes to coffee support bad meetings! Yes! : )

Shanna Germain said...

Hurray for joy on desert islands!

My theory is that the truly crap parents always think they're fucking-a fantastic at it. If you have doubts, then you're doing things right. Jake is loved and knows he's loved, and that will fight off a hundred knives, a thousand stairs, a million lifeboats.

I hope there are lots of photos of the new studio and the new artwork. I'm looking forward to it!

My verification word is: sumasess.

Sum and assess. Yes, that seems right. And how close it is to asses. :)

Anonymous said...

Break a leg, or fall down backwards, or whatever it is you say with art show openings. I'll be there in spirit.

Danielle said...

i m with shanna because i believe that you do it right when you are worried about it and about if its done right...

and all the ebst wishes for teh show..will we get to see any pictures???

Janine Ashbless said...

How did it go then, hen?

I had my fingers crossed for you...