Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sunday walk

In writing as in life every time you think you have hit upon a seam, a road to run on, you read something that knocks you off down a side trail and you forget that you used to run along here, on this riverbed, and you try it out for a while. Everything is a running along like you do in dreams, circling, listening to the rhythm of your feet, focussing on the placement of your feet, how they peel off the ground and how your legs stretch and the texture of the road. Of course most of the time you lose yourself in thoughts of the maps in your head, half remembered and mistaken and distorted, and forget to look at the road under your feet, the landscape all around you. We write ourselves into the landscape of our own lives, back into the landscape, back and forth, forgetting and remembering.

And to be perfectly honest mostly I don't really run, I just walk shamble stop start lurch.

Meanwhile, read these two beautiful poems by Robin Sampson.


Fulani said...

Yup - I recognise this road.

Personally I've had a day of sitting down to write an erotic vampire story and being distracted by pics from the local Gay Pride yesterday, some technical stuff about fire performance art, another take on vampires I want to explore, and various other digressions. But no doubt bits and pieces of this mental wandering will make it into the story when I try again tomorrow!

Nikki Magennis said...

Oh, I'm not even talking about procrastination, Fulani - that's a whole other road race! More about where writing will take us, can take us, and how many false summits, mirages and diversions there are. And probably no destination.

Erobintica said...

"forgetting and remembering"

maybe that's what writing is all about?

Oh, and thank you for linking to my poems. I'm honored. (blush)

Fulani said...

Thank you! I think in my original comment what I had in mind was the process of writing and the various digressions and diversions involved in getting from the beginning to the end of writing a story, though obviously there's more in your post. Writing ourselves into the landscape of our own lives... I think that's an interesting way to see both writing and life.

Nikki Magennis said...

Aye, crumbs, with digressions and diversions and procrastinations and whatnot it's quite a wonder stories ever get written at all, eh?!