Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday, I'm in love

I died in a dream last night. Folding clean laundry, I was suddenly breathless, disembodied, pinned in my mind.
After I woke my boyfriend talked about sleep paralysis, while I got out of bed and pulled the blind open.
White out: the house wrapped in fog, the landscape obliterated. We dressed up warm and drove to the market at Will's farm. I filled a box with carrots, yellow pears and cress. Waited behind a woman with a voice clear as a bell.
I looked out over the fields beyond the yard to see the mist dissolve, the sun burn through.

I wonder if it's some kind of affliction; the creeping drabbles or something. It appears I can only post 100 word flashes at the moment. The truer to life they are the better. This is odd.

Happy weekend, all. x


Jo said...

Well, trust me, it's a better skill than facebook status update or Tweeting.

You're burning up blogland with these,they're great.

I think your laundry death was from watching that trailer - the one about doing laundry really being living? Something in you rebels! :)

Nikki Magennis said...

Jo, thanks, I really appreciate the feedback. I mean, I seem to unable to stop posting these at the moment, but still it's lovely to hear someone's enjoying them.

The laundry - ah, yes, that book. I finished it yesterday.

To die halfway through a load of laundry, oy vay.

I can't say it was a pleasant dream, but I wish I'd had a chance to hang around in the afterlife longer. It might have warmed up a bit, there might have been snacks - who knows!

Danielle said...

i made coments on your flashes twice but blogger has eaten them:...-(

you know i love your flash fiction..i actually spoke about them recently over at alisons blog...

Nikki Magennis said...

Hey Danielle. That you back from peeing in the woods, then?!

; )

Danielle said...

lol..yes i am back..but i was one week in the week at the beach and one week in paris and now i m...back!

Anne Tourney said...

I'm fascinated by these flash pieces you've been writing. They remind me of dream fragments, those intense narratives that engulf so much space and time in the subconscious. Then you wake up and realize that you've only been napping for a minute or so.

I like heavily concentrated, brief forms of writing, these distillations of experience. On one level, they seem to require a certain discipline and concentration, but they also demand spontaneity and a deep plunge into the subconscious. Sometimes I like to write haiku on the notepad of my cellphone to try to bring my mind into focus.

If these flashes are a symptom of an affliction, I hope you don't recover any time soon :).

Nikki Magennis said...

Anne, that's a lovely way of looking at them. I love the image of cellphone haiku, too.

When J was tiny I would walk him in his pram and drum haikus on the handlebar. Measure out the days in syllables.