Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's a dirty job

I have various answers when people ask what I do for work, ranging across the spectrum of honesty/respectability from 'writing' to 'fiction' to 'erotica' to 'porn'.

This weekend I was away with a group of people I don't know, and someone asked the usual question, and I said - because she seemed a nice, open kind of woman - 'erotic fiction'. Woah! She shrieked with laughter and her whole face lit up.

How lovely it seems to cheer someone up just by telling them what you do.

Maybe that's the best response you could get. (It certainly beats the sleazy/sneery response, which is my least personal favourite.)

'I've written a whole bookful of racy stories, in my head', said her friend, with a big dreamy smile.

: )


Jo said...

I had one teacher/writer friend get quite excited when I told her -that I've had stories published. And tell me with great delight that she'd met ANOTHER erotic writer soon after - quite confident that she'd now meet one a week now the seal had been broken... we're like the busses... you wait and you wait and then...

But that's a sweet story. That's how it should be. Sneery is just ... ew, no.

Jeremy Edwards said...

we're like the busses... you wait and you wait and then...

LOL, Jo!

Lucy Felthouse said...

Where are these people hiding!? We need more of the people with cool reactions around, pronto! :)