Friday, July 16, 2010

Gingerbread house

I'm not quite sure how, but *somehow* I managed to write and edit and submit the first story I've written in about a year. Phew, and again, phew!

It seems when you've got offspring it's always a choice. Something's got to give, and this week it was the housework. Ah well.

I've always been what my mother and stepmother call a slut - in the original sense of the word (I think). I mean, I've slept on bare mattresses in a friend's hall next to cat litter boxes. I remember it started to rain one night and I lay there with cold water dripping onto my face and the stench of cat piss in the air, and thought I must be somewhere in the vicinity of rock bottom.

But since J turned up somehow keeping the home clean makes it feel less like I'm being submerged in an inexorable avalanche of dirty laundry, cat litter, mashed up food and wet towels. Where did it all come from, all this stuff? I thought I was a young, bohemian artist. Turns out I was a middle-aged housewife with a double chin and a bottle of bleach in the cupboard, all along.

Or maybe I just aged ten years overnight. That happens in fairy tales, too.

Everything changes, but it seems there will always be cat litter somewhere in the picture.


Craig Sorensen said...

I loved the video, and your post.

I told my youngest son, who is about to turn twenty, that I could be very happy living in a caravan. He was quite surprised, which surprised me. He and I share so many similarities. Evidently, not that one.

But it's true, and that spirit is in me, though I've been decidedly, and blissfully, domestic for nearly 30 years.

Jo said...

How beautiful. Is that a book trailer? Incredible.

Nikki Magennis said...

Hm, I've lived in a caravan (as a baby) and a houseboat (as an adult). It was a lot of work. And I never really took the boat anywhere. The idea is certainly nice, though!

Jo, yes. I read 'Momma Zen' by the same author, which was utterly fabulous. I've just started 'Hand Wash Cold.'

Shanna Germain said...

I always love your vids. And your writing too :) Awesome.

I think it's not just being a mom but being a mom + creative creature. Something DOES have to give. Mainly the things that don't matter -- cleanliness, organization, weeding. Who cares? Let's live! :)

Nikki Magennis said...

Hm, kind of, but that's what I've been finding - in some ways they do matter. Maybe. I'm not sure if it's the death-struggle of the ego to want to keep ones' surroundings in some semblance of order, or if it's a natural need to tend to life. Maybe both.

As far as Maezen Miller would say, (I think) the cleanliness, organisation and weeding *are* living.

Shanna Germain said...

Shush! Don't tell my dishes, my desk or my garden that thing about them being the living. They'll get egos and start making demands!

Lalala! -plugs her ears-

Nikki Magennis said...

Heheh! I love it. Where will we be when everything has egos? Out in the ego-garden tending our delicate ego-flowers ... ; )

Kristina Wright said...

Ah yes, I know the cat litter and mashed up food issues and the feeling of having aged ten years overnight. I also know the feeling of writing that first story... and sometimes you give a little to one and take a little from the other and in the end... you get some semblance of order in both life and words on the page.

Love the new blog look and love you. Keep writing. I've missed you.

Nikki Magennis said...

Thanks for visiting, Kristina! Always lovely to see you. Great to hear you're writing again, too! We'll get there, eh? (When you work out where there is, will you send me a postcard?!)


neve black said...

What more can I say that hasn't already been touched on? I've missed you Nikki. Loved every inch of this post.