Friday, September 04, 2009

The Glass Woman Prize

... I stumbled on a fascinating website. Beate Sigriddaughter is now reading for the Glass Woman Prize. It's a fiction competition, details here.

What I found wonderful and interesting were the FAQs about the prize (which, I should add, Sigriddaughter funds from her own income):

"I want to help along the cause of women expressing themselves authentically and fearlessly and passionately. It has something to do with a contribution to justice and soul growing in the world.

One of my ex-husbands once said that women don't support each other. I want to either change that or prove it wrong. This is my small gesture of changing the world."

More power to your elbow, lady.


Craig Sorensen said...

I daresay, that ex-husband doesn't understand women very well, but it seems his comment is leading to a higher purpose.

Always worthwhile, whatever the source.

Alana said...

Craig, I dare say the woman's ex husband understands SOME women quite well. Not all of us, but some of us, and one of us in particular has had to figure out over the years how to make friends with women, genuine connections absent of suspicion and betrayal, because some women are suspicious and jealous, vindictive and insecure, thanks to some men in the world who've worked hard to make them that way. FUDGE.

End of rant. Welcome to disagree or tell me to shush. I won't. :-)

Nx, thanks for the heads up on this contest. I'm already grateful to this particular woman. Very cool. And I'm grateful for you.


Craig Sorensen said...

Hey Alana,

You know I'd never shush you, even if I thought you'd do it. :-)

Agreed, that he is right about some women. There are a lot of men who don't support each other too. A lot!

The husband's statement was to general, and so was mine.

I stand corrected!

Craig Sorensen said...

And by "to general," I mean too general.

verification word = unter. German word for under. As in, my previous reply was unteredited.

Shanna Germain said...

I submitted to this a while back because I just loved her philosophy! -fingers very crossed-