Sunday, August 09, 2009

The tenth muse

Sappho, found at Jupiter Artland today.

The sculpture's by Ian Hamilton Finlay, who created an incredible garden full of poetry and sculpture at Little Sparta.

Apparently Plato gave Sappho the title the 'tenth muse'. Hamilton Finlay describes her here as 'the poetess of erotic lyricism.' It was nice to find a friendly face in the forest.

Anyway, as well as high brow arts and scultpures, there was dirty trees.

I don't know, those filthy beeches. Right out in public, completely shameless.

I asked Sappho nicely to help with the idea I've been working on for a collection of shorts. I didn't ask the beeches for anything, because they seemed quite occupied.

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Danielle said...

the x..sigh* personal letter of paine...