Friday, August 07, 2009

Actually ...

I think my previous post was a 'hurt but magnanimous' phase. Now I'm moving into pissed off territory. Let's just say I read some more of the blog that critted my work, and I'm not going to dwell.

While I still think it's valuable to consider criticism, and while I believe that
'you can be the being of being
only if love should pierce you deep inside.'

[- Salvatore Quasimodo]

- by which I mean I think it's worth being open to being hurt - I also think it would be disingenous to give away all one's self respect to any random person who tries to tear you apart.

In short: screw it.


Oh, and just for balance, here's a nice review for The New Rakes at

Rock n Roll gasm!

"fast paced, sexy and extremely erotic"



Justine Elyot said...

The idea that cruelty = good copy is a very persistent one, unfortunately. I'm sorry you had to go through this, but glad you're taking the deep breath and leaving it behind.

In fact I'm both glad and relieved to boot. ('both' and 'to boot' in the same phrase is wrong, isn't it?)

Erobintica said...

Great song. And pissed off is good.

no typos this time!

Nikki Magennis said...

Hey Justine,

thanks for the thoughts! It's a bit of an upsetting process, getting a crappy review, but I suppose with any luck I'll learn to get better at it with time. Or at least get over it quicker and quicker.

Robin - I just love Joan Jett.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Truth in advertising! I did indeed get me some pleasure by reading the GetMePleasure review of your great, great book.

Kristina Wright said...

I've written book reviews for over 15 years. It's important to remember that a review often says more about the critic than it does about the actual book or story. The more "high brow" the critic (this goes for movie critics, as well), the more likely they are to be heartlessly cruel.

I read the review and I read the apology and I didn't think either was worth anything. And that's my opinion. ;-)

P.S Mean critics should beware of pregnant women, hmm?

Janine Ashbless said...

Sorry I've been away and offline Nikki - I should have been here to add my support. Especially because you were selfless enough to send me a link to the review because it said nice things about my story.

Um. What can I say? The reviewer acknowledged that he likes journalistic writing and doesn't like poetic stuff. Mine is journalistic and yours is lyrical: I could never write the sort of flash fiction you do because it's way beyond me. But I can and do admire it. Your story was (I thought) beautiful. You're a good writer and you know it: someone else's subjective taste isn't going to change that. It's just a pity that he (to his later embarrassment and regret) wrote the review from his gut without engaging his brain - or, indeed, his sense of right and wrong.

Hey, be glad he retracted. Think of his shame.

Nikki Magennis said...

Jeremy - I'm really glad! Thanks!

Kristina - yep, I ended up reaching a similar conclusion. Fuck, it's all character building, right? As for pregnant women - yep, probably usually I wouldn't have made a peep. But for some reason I feel a bit more inclined to talk about these things at the moment. Hormones, whatever.

And Janine, not at all. I just had to work that out of my system! I find it a bit puzzling that someone would criticise what is at least a hybrid poem-type of form for being poetic, but there you go. People have buttons that get pushed, I suppose. Thanks very much for your kind words, too. I'm very touched!

Now I think it's time for a curry.

: )