Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I miss you like cigarettes

I love you a little roughed with hair in your eyes. I love you awkward, when you grip your elbow, when you turn and don't know where to look. I love that smile, that little hook. I love your bones. How they are long and the strength you have in those arms.
Your eyes. Brown like burned sugar. Grey. Green like every kind of water. Yes, you were Mexican. Or Canadian - I didn't catch your name. You ripped a hole in my tights. You were a stranger. Broke my heart.
I can feel myself forgetting you, over and over.

Burning Up - Boy George ft. Tracey Emin


Shanna Germain said...

Bloody gorgeous, you brat :)

PS - my word is subbi. huh.

Nikki Magennis said...

tank you!

Emerald said...

So beautiful Nikki. Thanks for sharing.

Nikki Magennis said...

Thanks for reading, Emerald!

Craig Sorensen said...

Damn you can pack a lot of feeling into a very, very few well chosen words.

Love it.

Nikki Magennis said...

Grazie, Craig. The piece actually started about twice that length, then I cut it to fit in 100 words. I love pruning something down to its bones - a very satisfying process!

Alana said...

Was that the fucking best thing I've read all week? YES.

Jesus Christ. Love you.


Nikki Magennis said...

Wow, thank you A!

It's funny, I showed boyf the summer storms piece but I was holding back this one, a little worried he might be jealous. (I should have known better). He really liked the cigarettes one.