Friday, June 19, 2009

The internet is cool and terrible #2

God, I loved this band. They only released two singles, which I couldn't get hold of as a fourteen year old misfit living out in the sticks. I wrote (wrote! remember writing letters?!) to the record company and they sent me an EP, very sweetly (EPs! Remember EPs?!).
I had no idea a video even existed. But here it is, and beautiful.

Happy weekend, all.

Edit: Oh, oops, I forgot the terrible part. Here it is:

Madelynne Ellis got her copy of the German translation of Sex in Public yesterday.

I didn't. I have a sneaking suspicion it has been sent to my old address, and a sinking feeling that the current occupant will open a parcel that to all appearances consists of cheap and nasty Europorn.


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Danielle de Santiago said...

i always wonder why publisher never keep the original names of books and movies..and if they have to change it..why into something totally different then the becomes "sex in public"..which sounds hot.."heaven of desire"..which sounds..uhm..odd?