Sunday, June 07, 2009


I've been off drifting around Scotland. See when the sun shines, there's nowhere else in the world I'd rather live.

But I get back and I have an unwelcome blog visitor. So, as it seems I have to spell it out, let me be quite clear: This is addressed to the person who posts as 'Lively Lad' among various other monikers.

Your comments are unwanted. Any further posts on this blog, emails or other attempts to communicate are unwanted. Any further communications shall be passed on for someone else to deal with.

To all other readers, my apologies for dragging out what seems like dirty washing. I've kept polite about this for far too long. This year, I am learning to say what I want to say, when it needs to be said, even if that means being rude.

Meanwhile, the cat's been out all night and limped back to the house ragged. I'm off to see if she needs tending. Back soon!


neve black said...

Leave our friend alone, you wacker!

Craig Sorensen said...

No need to apologize to us, Nikki. You can't help when an unwelcome guest persists. You shouldn't have to deal with this sort of crap.

And to you, "Lively Lad", move along. It's obvious you aren't welcome.