Wednesday, May 20, 2009

There's sanguine

... and sanfuckingguine. *Two* rejections in one day! Fuck me.

I must have done something to piss off the universe.

Anyway, speaking of bloody words and words rooted in blood, 'sanguine' has just reminded me: here's the gorgeous cover for The Sweetest Kiss, which I forgot to crow about.

This'll be my first paranormal published thing, I think. It was wonderful fun to write. All dark and twisty.

And here is the ravishing TOC:

Midnight at Sheremetyevo by Remittance Girl
Wait Until Dark, Montresor by Thomas S. Roche
The Temptation of Mlle. Marielle Doucette by Anna Black
Kiss and Make Up by Lisette Ashton
The Student by Sommer Marsden
Red By Any Other Name by Kathleen Bradean
Enlightenment by Amber Hipple
Blood and Bootleg by Teresa Noelle Roberts
Fair Play by G. B. Kensington
Advantage by Ciara Finn
The Communion of Blood and Semen by Maxim Jakubowski
Nightlife by Madeleine Oh
Takeout or Delivery? by Evan Mora
Devouring Heart by Andrea Dale
Wicked Kisses by Michelle Belanger
Fourth World by Lisabet Sarai
Turn by Nikki Magennis
Cutter by Kristina Wright
Once An Addict... by A.D.R. Forte

... And edited by the lovely D.L. King

Now, excuse me, I'm going to sit and sniff my emergency cigarette for an hour or so.


neve black said...

Wow! What a great cover to lick your wounds with, eh?

Congratulations! Great line up of contributors.

And, I'm sorry. It's just poop sometimes.

Shanna Germain said...

Oh, well, fuck. But, yes, the steps you listed in the first post are exactly how it goes. Although I have to admit I often get stuck on Howling Emptiness. Even if I tell myself I don't.

I'll do Anger and Resentment for you. Those dummies -- don't know what they're missing.

Yah for your sexy vamps. I do love that story!

Bestest, s.

Craig Sorensen said...

What an excellent cover to at least take a bit of the edge off your crummy news today.

I hope tomorrow will be brighter for you.

Alana said...

Ohh, nice job, Nx!


Nikki Magennis said...

Hi all,

Oh, we've all been there, eh?! I'm training myself to think of it as positive - it means one's taking risks and that's a good thing. (S, thanks so much for the angry resentment!)

And thanks for the congrats. I do love that cover!


Lively Lad said...

Yeah, great cover. Think her face looks a bit like yours (without the hairstyle of course!)Whadya goin' to do about yours incidently? Don't you think you should have a change for your image pic? What do others think? Eh, and don't worry about that f****** rejection - we all get 'em, and you've got plenty of wonderful work published so ego shouldn't be so tarnished

EllaRegina said...

Bloody good re vampire book! ;-)