Thursday, April 02, 2009


I have my driving theory test on Saturday. Because I'm a little bit twisted in the head, the thing that worries me about these tests/experiences is never the questions themselves or failing, it's just being locked in a cubicle space for an hour with no means of escape.

To distract myself, I'm revising like a motherfucking petrolhead you wouldn't believe. Got a question about the Highway or its code? Hit me. Go on.

Anyway, speaking of petrol and flammable substances, Playing with Fire is out now. I *love* this antho. It's shocking and dirty and such wildly good fun. I read some of the stories sitting out in the sun and just felt - I don't know, punkrock. Of course, I've got a wee flash in it, and many friends grace the pages, so I can't really give you an objective critique. But I do have to say I enjoyed it like a glass of whisky on a hot summer's day.

I also especially wanted to mention Alison Tyler's story. She does such a bang-up job of editing, I think sometimes her writing gets less attention than it should. But I adored her story. Loved it. Ate it up like popcorn and coke. Sweet, bad, wry and surprising.

Oh, look, I can offer my opinion of some of the stories, right? Janine's is deliciously jaw-droppingly shocking. Jeremy's is warm and touching as well as being filthy. Michael Hemmingson's is such clever good twisted fun, and Thomas Roche's is just fucking ace. I read Shanna's and it's like lying on a beach with the warm dark stars sparkling overhead and a warm body beside you.

There we go. How do I do as a reviewer? I honestly am being objective! I fuckin am!

Now, ask me about stopping distances. Go on.

; )


neve black said...

I'm smiling from ear to ear after reading your post, Nikki.

You're going to, how do you say it, Ace that test!

Nikki Magennis said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Neve! I may not pass it, but as long as I don't run away screaming I'll class it as a success ...

Jeremy Edwards said...

Can you request the Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang test car and fly yourself over here for a visit afterwards?

And thanks for the wonderful words about my story! Your piece is an awe-inspiring masterpiece of metaphor magic.

Madeline Moore said...

Congratulations Nikki (and the rest of the gang) on the new antho. Love the cover...

I'm afraid I failed my first test. Almost ran down a pedestrian, causing my instructor to grab the wheel and yell, 'The pedestrian is God on the highway!' Sigh.

Of course nowadays I'd say something smart-ass like, 'Well I'm a Buddhist so if I see the Buddha on the road I'm obliged to kill him.' I wonder if I'd have passed if I'd said it?

Nikki Magennis said...

Jeremy - you've seen my car, Bertha then?! Certainly bang-bang, lately not even a little chitty.

- and cheers re the flash!

Madeline, thank you, and for making me laugh out loud! God on the highway. I love it.