Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Out of this world

I just found a lovely review of THE NEW RAKES (- I'm trying to learn to put the title in caps because everyone else does so I think you're supposed to) - this time from Lucy Felthouse.

"sexy, dangerous and emotional - a perfect combination."

Yay! Thanks so much, Lucy!

Cheering quietly because I'm not really here ...


Lucy Felthouse said...

My pleasure! I thought it was a great book. Don't suppose you'd like to drop me an e-mail re: exchanging links? The address is on my blog profile. x

Jeremy Edwards said...

Lucy Felthouse has great taste in books!!

I loved the insight about how the very nature of the sex between Kara and Mike, versus that between Kara and Tam, reflects the larger disparities between the two worlds portrayed in the book.

Nikki Magennis said...

Yes, so did I Jeremy. And I totally did that on purpose ... except I don't think it was that clear in my head when I was writing. More like: Tam goodhappyfuck. Mike sleazedirtyfuck. Uh. Hm. UYuhm.

: )

Lucy - sure thing! I sent you an email.