Tuesday, February 24, 2009

For Alison

Images from The New Rakes

Alison Tyler is looking for writers' working notes.

I'dve emailed this pic, but my gmail appears to be buggered. So, for Alison, here are some what I s'pose you could call notes from The New Rakes.

Right at the start of writing it, Lina was called 'Jacqui' and the whole story was totally different - there were going to be a lot of liaisons in a deserted hotel, which you can see there with ragged red velvet curtains. I'd made a whole A1 board of pictures, characters and locations. I have also got folders full of scribbled notes, A, but I thought this was prettier!

Funnily enough, though I don't think I specified Kara's hair colour in the text, I was obviously thinking of pink hair when I gathered these pics. And it's pink on the finished book's cover! Gosh, psychic cover-art editors - what a blessing!


Madelynne Ellis said...

Your notes are totally cool, Nikki. Mine just look like a spider had a fit on my notebook, while wearing ink-stained boots.

Nikki Magennis said...

Heh, I do find playing with the pretty pitchas is a top-class procrastination method. Obviously doesn't get the book written, but it feels like I'm doing something productive - whereas I expect your spider-scribbles are probably actually *useful* ...

Jeremy Edwards said...

Neat! I love the chandelier.

Neve Black said...

Wow, Nikki, those are real images! Images? Holy cats! That's cool.

Neve Black said...

Wow, Nikki, those are real images! Images? Holy cats! That's cool.

Erobintica said...

Seeing all the artwork in notebooks makes me wish I had some drawing talent. Very cool Nikki!

Erobintica said...
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Emerald said...

Those are really cool-looking!

Lol @ Madelynne's cool simile. :) I hear you!

Nikki Magennis said...

Thanks all! i should add that they're just photos I've printed off and scribbled on - not really requiring any great artistic talen!

Madeline Moore said...

It must be marvellous to be so multi-talented, Nikki. I couldn't draw more than a stick figure to save my life.

My notes for 'Wild Card' are particularly hilarious in retrospect.

I use the Hilroy notebooks, sometimes 100 pgs, sometimes 200, sometimes 300 (!) I use the same notebook for everything, so a shopping list (spaghetti, diet schweppe's gingerale, green beans) can be found opposite a very different sort of list, and this is the list I keep coming across (also in this notebook are all 500 usernames and passwords)
I have faithfully transcribed my final notes on Wild Card right here:

Chapter 1 - Victoria and Ray - oral, missionary

2- Victoria, fore and aft.

3 - no sex

4 - no sex

5 - Lonnie - feet on Ray - Ray has O

6 - R & V - anal

7 - P and B - sex in chair

8 - no sex
9 no sex

10 - Veruschka - no O
Limo - O for R
Victoria - O alone
Limo O 4 Lonnie
Nobatu - Oral on ass, O 4 Penny

11, 12, no sex
13 - P & V - O
14 Victoria - O, Penny6 & Ray - O, missionary
15 - no
16 no
17 Penny - O
18 - no O
19 - Lonnie, Penny, Victoria, Ray - O
20 no

This list prompted Felix to say, 'Oh for another orifice at the end of the day!'

Nikki Magennis said...

Wow, so many Os, Madeline! They look very pretty, like beads or mouths or something rather primal and powerful. Damn, have I had a glass of wine? Yes, I think I have.

Also, nodding at: shopping lists/moaning diary style entries/lists for self improvement/novel synopses all being run together in one big messy spiral bound splurge.

(You did send your notes to AT, I hope? For the novel, not ginger ale!)

Jeremy Edwards said...

The limo! (The scene in which she's standing up.) My favorite part!!

EllaRegina said...

Nikki, I love the collage! Jeremy may think that's a chandelier but we know it's a magic pair of breasts, right?

(Love Madeline Moore's notes, too!)

Man, AT's new blog is such a great idea!

Nikki Magennis said...

Thanks, EllaRegina! Magic titties? Now there's a thought.