Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Es are good

Well, so I hear. Nothing stronger than builder's tea for me, thanks!

Anyway, The New Rakes is now available as an e-book. Various places seem to have it in cyberform, but this was the cheapest I found.

I do wish I had an amazing faux-ink-book-paper kindle-type thing. Without a proper e-reader, I find ebooks a hell of a pain to read, which is a real shame.

I'm just blurbling, aren't I? Many deadlines make Nikki a dull-eyed zombie. You shoulda seen my driving lesson this morning. Sheesh. Stay off the roads if you value your life and car, I would.

Join me tomorrow instead when I'll be wearing a proper frock or maybe something ridiculously and serving Very Intense Truffles as the final course of the lovely progressive dinner. I can't promise it won't be a bit burnt at the edges, but given enough whisky, nobody will notice, right?



Erobintica said...

Very Intense Truffles sounds like the perfect finish to this blog progressive dinner. I'll have to make sure I don't eat too many goodies today.

Craig Sorensen said...

I can't promise I won't be a bit burnt at the edges.

It's all good.

EllaRegina said...

If you came over here you'd be driving on the *right* side of the street! No worries! ;-)