Tuesday, January 13, 2009


January is rushing. I have a very long list.

I never know if its better to use the carrot or the stick approach.

Stick: batter through everything at double speed, hoping to get it all done today (ha!) so I can go back to bed.

Carrot: go back to bed right now and hope I'll wake up later bursting with energy, ready to tackle all the tasks stylishly and without recourse to intravenous caffeine.

Supplementary question: How do people with children/real jobs manage?

Okay, here goes with the stick for now. Work, bitch, work harder!


Kirsten Monroe said...

What a gorgeous picture! Is that yours? Where you live?

Re: your supplemental question, I toss the carrots in the pot, use the stick for a weapon (back, you skallywags!)and hide in the garden shed with my notebook. When I come out, I can pretend to be normal for awhile, thus hold down a "day job." Seems to be working, mostly.

Love that photo! Vrooooom back to you!

Nikki Magennis said...

Thanks, Kirsten! The pic is of Ben Lomond - the mountain I crawled a couple of weeks ago.

Today I am trying a mixture of carrot and stick. We'll see how it progresses!

Emerald said...

That really is a beautiful picture. Wow.

"Supplementary question: How do people with children/real jobs manage?"

I have asked myself that so many times! Lol.


Nikki Magennis said...

Hey Emerald - I just wish my photos came close to how amazing it was in actuality! The more pictures I take, the more I am amazed by both how incredibly beautiful the landscape is and how damn clever the human eye is.