Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Not so sweet music ...

Ah you made it to our secret after-party! Welcome! Here is (some of) what happened at Kara's piano lesson ... please note, this is strictly an over 18 venue and contains some downright filth.

His burnished skin and the wiry blonde hairs of his arms suggested hot summer afternoons, and the rough stubble on his jaw and his loose, slightly over-long hair made her think he was someone blessed with enough good genes not to give much of a damn about how he looked.

Drawn to him, Kara stumbled forward and pressed herself against him, her mouth seeking out the hot, naked skin of his throat and latching on with a half bite, half kiss, tasting the salt there and feeling the hard line of his collarbone, while she rubbed against his shirt and let his bent knee slide between her legs.

He didn’t push her away as she’d feared, but lifted her and pulled her onto the piano, dropping her ass onto the keys so that they shouted with a loud, broken clang and played out of tune notes as she shifted, opened her legs ready to take him. It took him a moment to unzip and free his cock from his shorts. Kara got only a glimpse of its long, angry red length and the tobacco coloured fuzz of hair surrounding it, before he was pushing the polished knob inside her. She rolled forward to better take him, and sank onto his shaft. Her ass teetered on the lip of the piano, and she held herself at a precarious angle to let his whole length surge up into her.

He fought to fuck her then, while she held bunches of his shirt in her fists and dug underneath to find the burning satin smoothness of his flanks, to feel the sweep of his belly and the trail of hair that led down to his boiling cock. With every thrust, she felt his body bunch and contract, the wiry muscles in his arms supporting her weight and his legs tensed to jerk against her. As they fucked, their entwined bodies released a slow burning perfume - the smell of his body, the sharp, rich smell of his sweat and that complex mixture of smoke and leather and rosemary that Kara recognised as Mike’s own. She reached up to kiss him and met the peculiar hardness of his mouth, the rough scratch of his stubble against her and the blunt, rude intrusion of his tongue into her mouth. He kissed her without a single suggestion of softness, only working his mouth against hers to devour her as fully as he could.

The tuning fork fell to the floor as he gripped her hips, adding another crash to the wild cacophony that was being wrenched from the piano, the dreadful chords and smashed notes that resounded every time Mike plunged into her. Kara almost laughed, hearing so many months of painstaking piano practise massacred all at once and the glorious mess of their fucking produce such a horrendous noise.

Excerpt from The New Rakes, copyright Nikki Magennis 2008 all rights reserved

Available from Amazon.com - Amazon uk


Jeremy Edwards said...

I love this scene! The interplay of coition and cacophony is brilliant—and sexy as hell.

Before I read The New Rakes, I had no idea atonal music could be so much fun.

[Looks around bedroom to see if there might be room for a piano ...]

Nikki Magennis said...

Or there is this.

Anyway, thanks very much J!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Haha! And it's "deliverable with every thinkable measurements."

Jeremy: Pardon me, but your associate appears to be holding a tape measure to my crotch.

Delivery Person: Yes, sir. That will be for the piano, sir.

Nikki Magennis said...

A full octave, is it?

; 0

Neve Black said...

I'm not nearly as witty as Jeremy, so I won't attempt to chime into the dialogue above...however, once again, I'm offering my heart-felt congratulatory praise to you.

Yah! :-)

Nikki Magennis said...

I don't think there's many people can keep up with Jeremy's flowing wit, Neve!

Thanks again, tho! x

Janine Ashbless said...

(Do I get some sort of prize for being the least witty and articulate? The booby prize maybe?)

Erobintica said...

Okay. I definitely need to order this book pronto!

Nikki Magennis said...

Janine - you win! That's exactly the response I was hoping for!

And Erobintica - thanks! : )

EllaRegina said...

Love that tuning fork line! (And the others, too.)

Emerald said...

"I don't think there's many people can keep up with Jeremy's flowing wit"

Ha! No disagreement there! I hear you, Neve. ;) Lol. Anyway, congrats Nikki, and The New Rakes does sound very intriguing indeed. I'm looking forward to reading it. :) Thanks for the after-party!

Nikki Magennis said...

Hi EllaRegina and Emerald! Thanks very much, both! I now have a throbbing ... hangover, but it was worth it!