Sunday, January 25, 2009


The New Rakes play a gig at Socks to Fedora!

Join us this coming Tuesday. I'll be giving a glimpse into my *cough, cough* rock and roll writing process and threatening to sing. Again.

I'll also be throwing a signed copy into the audience, and possibly stage-diving.

Doors at seven. Support: Jeremy and the Edwardettes. Over 18s only, and there will be strobes during the performance.

Advance tickets: Americans - Brits - Canadians


Craig Sorensen said...

I'm looking forward to it, and shall be there with bells on.

It's okay. They'll be small bells.

Emerald said...

Looking forward to it Nikki! :)

Jeremy Edwards said...

I'm all atwitter about sharing a dressing room with Kara! I hope I don't forget to go onstage.

Nikki Magennis said...


Emerald - Me too!

Jeremy - just as long as you promise to help Kara into her purple rubber dress, that's cool!

Craig Sorensen said...

Nice bell-ringing tune, Nikki. Thanks!

Kirsten Monroe said...

Did somebody say stage diving?

I'm so there. Can't wait!


Madeline Moore said...

OMG I so want to be there. In the mosh pit. Screaming!