Monday, December 29, 2008


I've found this wonderful program that translates words into a musical composition, so I've been writing songs to Petra that would make you cringe.

P22, the company that wrote the program, create fonts 'inspired by Art, History, and sometimes Science'. Their Dada typeface is wonderful.

New Year

Yesterday I was thinking about striving, working, struggling, trying. As though if you try hard enough there'll come a point where everything is just how it should be. And how ridiculous that is, like spinning plates and imagining at some point you'll flick your wrist exactly the right way and the plates will all spin on for themselves forever.

My new year's resolutions are always about fixing something. Being less fat or more productive or better at bicycling or whatever. Fuck it. This year, my new year's resolution is as follows:

I shall fail more often. More spectacularly. And I'll fully appreciate the nuances of the hundred different ways to fail.

I’m sure my driving instructor will be delighted to hear this.


Kirsten Monroe said...


I cannot stop playing with the music generator. That is the coolest thing ever! Thanks for sharing it. I like your idea for a year of brilliant failure. It's kind of sexy even....because when you appreciate the "nuances of the hundred different ways to fail," it rights everything doesn't it? It might make the failures of others more dazzling also.

Craig Sorensen said...

Oh Nikki,

I absolutely adore your New Year's Resolution. I'm thinking of changing mine, but then I'd be such a poseur.

Happy New Years, and may you have much fun with music generation.

Nikki Magennis said...

Hi Kirsten - the failures of others - yes, bloody hell, you're absolutely right! I shall have to tinker with it so it includes acceptance of failings in general. Thanks!

And Craig - go ahead! Be a poseur! This year I am planning to be a total twat. With a big smile! To be more precise, all the things I fear being, I'm going to try to be. (Apart from dead. Hopefully. That would really ruin the experiment.)

Happy New Year to you, may it bring wonderful things.

Madeline Moore said...

The Jesuits say 'The road to humility is paved with many humiliations.' So, whenever I've made a freakin' fool of myself, I think, 'Ah, that much closer to humility.'

Happy New Year.

I just announced two things to Felix as he went off to do X more things before our New Year's guests arrive.

1) From now on, Christmas will be a one day event.

2) People forget that I'm not a nice person.

I think my NY resolution will be to establish Christmas as a one day event. I doubt I'll have to resolve to remind people that I'm not a nice person...but perhaps I will.

Possibly it's that pesky book deadline. I want to do a little final research and punch up the ending, not sit around and around.

xoxo Madeline