Monday, November 10, 2008

Baby it's cold outside

Yes, it's definitely winter.

But warming me up this week: a couple of great reviews.

Kathleen Bradean, for Erotica Revealed.

"what made Hurts So Good stand out was the consistent literary quality of the contributions.

Before I finished reading the second paragraph of the lead story, I turned down the corner of the page, indicating that I planned to reread it. In “The Sound of One Hand Clapping” by Nikki Magennis, a woman finds clarity in bondage and a spanking. Exquisitely crafted, this is easily one of the best short stories I’ve read this year.

So many stories in Hurts So Good were pleasant surprises that it renewed my faith in erotica anthologies ... I’d like to see this book in the hands of as many erotica fans as possible, because it shows what erotica can aspire to."

And from Ashley Lister, for ERWA.

Alison Tyler knows why pain and pleasure go together so well. She knows why and she’s recruited authors to help her explain the details. Hurts So Good is her latest anthology focusing on the satisfaction that comes from submitting to powerful forces.

Nikki Magennis is an incredible storyteller who has a mystical ability with words. Her descriptions are so compact yet effective that the story comes easily to life. Like the most perfect blend of pleasure and pain, “The Sound of One Hand Clapping” is hard, punishing and beautiful in its execution.

Shanna Germain with her delightfully underplayed “Rock Paper Scissors” ... shows that – as there are two sides to pleasure and pain – there are also two aspects to dominance and submission. And both those sides can be equally rewarding.

The whole collection is a joy to read – a rare example of pleasure without the pain. However, for descriptions of how good suffering can sometimes be, this anthology is one that every aficionado of passion and punishment will want on their shelf. With twenty one sizzling stories from masters of erotic writing, Hurts So Good is a book that’s needed..."

*tickled very pink*


Jeremy Edwards said...

Nikki Magennis is an incredible storyteller who has a mystical ability with words.

Right on!

Nikki Magennis said...

Oh yes. I think that's referring to my spell-casting powers. You probably can't see it from there, but I just moved my cigarettes across the desk using only a few special words.

Nikki Magennis said...

(Jesus Christ when am I going to give up this filthy habit)

Smut Girl said...

wohoo! well deserved compliments and kudos. you are a lovely writer, nikki. as for the smokes, baby, if I can do it...shit, anyone can. abracadabra! ((did that work??))

Janine Ashbless said...

Congrats Nikki! You deserve the praise!

Nikki Magennis said...

Abracadabra (pause to inhale) abracadabra ... no, not yet Sommer! Thanks for trying!

And thanks very much Janine!

Kirsten Monroe said...

Congrats Nikki! I watched your "trailer" for The New Rakes over at Shanna's place -- what a masteriece.

Keep it mystical!


Nikki Magennis said...

Thanks Kirsten, I'm so glad you liked the film! Hopefully the hours spent fiddling with paper figures were worth it!