Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Things I appear to be shit at:

1. Updating this bloggeroo. Hwa. Where am I? I'm burrowing. Tunnelling. Will pop back up to pimp The New Rakes when it's out. I promise. Lately I seem to open my mouth and just want to stuff it with food/cigarettes/fine malt whisky, rather than talking. Of course, I don't often type with my mouth, but anyway ...

2. Generally, pimpage, 'marketing', and businesslike behaviour. Honestly, I embarass myself. {And I'm too lazy to even check how many sodding Rs and Ss there are in embarrasss.} Every time I make a screw up (and this, m'dears, is far too often) I promise fervently I'll start making lists, spreadsheets, tick-charts, whatever the fuck it is that organised people do.}And ten minutes later I'm off playing 'virtual autopsy' and trying to work out what colour the heroine's eyes are and ... well, I've forgotten all about the good intentions. I'm not a bad person. Just spectacularly forgetful.

Eh? You want the link to virtual autopsy? Okay. here it is, but I must warn you some of the pictures are very colourful. Its a great tool for working out which particular fatal disease one is suffering from on any given day, though.

3. Healthy living. Well, I wore a nicotine patch for a day. That's as close to healthy as I've got this week.

4. Being a Buddhist in training. No, really. I am trying. A bit. Sometimes.

5. Following a cohesive train of thought. Hey - have you heard this song? I love it. The film was a car crash, but I loved this scene:

lalala. Bye!

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