Thursday, October 09, 2008

Sky rockets in flight

Yay! Another wee flasher will be appearing soon in Afternoon Delight. I'm told the books kicks off with 'After Midnight'.

The list of contents looks delicious - with stories from a tonne of stellar writers - including friends Teresa Noelle Roberts, Andrea Dale,EllaRegina,Sommer Marsden and *Craig Sorenson . Plus, of course, a story from the edible ed herself.

I love the concept of this book - sexy for every hour of the day from dusk to dawn and back again. (Well, okay, from midnight to noon and back again.) Like the man says - when it's right, it's right, right? And doesn't the cover look so very classy? I feel like I should brush my hair and do something with nailpolish. Hm. Perhaps I'll surprise boyf later with a bit of lipstick.

Perhaps I should rephrase that.

*I notice Craig has also gone for the 'sky rockets' line in his blog. You do realise it's going to be stuck in my head allllll day now?


Craig Sorensen said...

Sorry Nikki. I couldn't resist.

Nikki Magennis said...

Well, I can talk. I did it too. Instant karma though - by the end of the night I was still singing it, but mixed in with snatches of 'Car 67'. Aaaaaaaaargh.