Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Ah, what can I tell you about Violet? That’s a whole other story. Right now, she’s standing in a bathroom a few inches from a beautiful man. He’s got a nervous smile twitching at his mouth, and there’s bottles of chemicals beside them and I haven’t furnished the bedroom yet.
I haven’t invented the bedroom yet. Maybe they will fuck on the floor, and maybe they will screw against the wall.
I made her strung out and half-dressed, on the run. She’s nearly home. But I can’t quite work out yet how she crosses that last space, to touch him.

Yes, this is where projects intersected. My current WIP's protag is called Violet. And I am still working on it ...

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying writing these flashes so much of course I'm not going to stop just 'cause I've run out of colours. Tomorrow, I'll move on to ... well, inevitably what's at the end of the rainbow is Gold!


EllaRegina said...

I love the (unfinished) story within a story. It has a Harold and the Purple Crayon quality in its intersecting sense. Do you know that book? Lovely.

Nikki Magennis said...

Thanks, EllaRegina. I'll have to look up Harold and the Purple Crayon.