Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A thunderbolt!

The Thunderbolt will be appearing in The Mammoth Book of the Kama Sutra, edited by Maxim Jakubowski, out on the 28th August in the UK, and in September in the US.

It's the first historical piece I've ever worked on. I like to lost myself in mountains of research at the best of times, and for this piece - set in India - I lost days reading about the flora and fauna of Rajasthan. This gorgeous book was also a great inspiration:

I discovered a lot of wonderful things about Indian life, poetry, art and festivals. Unfortunately, with my incredible Sieve Memory, I usually forget all but the oddest of details about five minutes after finishing a story. With luck, though, they're all buried in the writing.

Here's a little taste:

At that moment, Kamadeva the god of love loaded his bow. The string was made from bees and the arrow tipped with a lotus flower. He took aim at Bhanu and fired a shot straight into his heart.
Did Bhanu feel it? He felt afire – as though he’d swallowed hot coals and his whole body were burning.
Forgetting his huntsman’s garb, he walked forward from the shelter of the forest. As he broke cover, screams rang out and there was a flurry of splashing as the women ran to where their clothes lay on the bank. Only one stayed where she was. She turned her heart-shaped face to look at Bhanu, curious and defiant, a half-smile playing on her lips. Though the water must have been icy, she didn’t move but stood in the whirling current of the river and met his stare with bright brown eyes.

And here's the blurb:

"The original "Kama Sutra" was designed to help lovers to explore the height of sensual and erotic pleasure. Since then numerous variations have been produced on this manual for love-making. Here, in one giant volume, is the fullest ever collection of "Kama Sutra" positions and its modern variants, including all the positions featured in the original text plus over 50 more. Each position is clearly explained, with specially commissioned illustrations by award-winning artist Carolyn Weltman and Louisa Minkin. Also included are little known, revelatory stories of how each position developed, plus the full, unexpurgated history of the Kama Sutra's own genesis. Packed with beautiful illustrations and sensual nuggets of inspiration, "The Mammoth Book of the Kama Sutra" is the fullest ever collection of the world's most popular lovemaking text. "


Jeremy Edwards said...


And—haha—I was highlighting all the white space in your post, in case you'd written bonus messages there for the cognoscenti.

Nikki Magennis said...

Thanks Jeremy! And yes, sorry, I seem to have abandoned the white on white thing. I must remember to add messages for the cockgnoscenti (and the cliterati) in future.

Craig Sorensen said...

Congrats Nikki!

I look forward to reading the rest of your story. The sample is delicious.

Nikki Magennis said...

Cheers Craig! I know it's quite short, but I'm never sure how much I can post of a story.