Friday, August 22, 2008


Ross always had a pocketful of peppermints. Steering his small boat out into the Minch, he tossed one over the side for luck.

Under the ice-flecked water, the ceasg batted aside silver mackerel to catch the sweet, white stone as it fell. She placed it in her mouth and closed her eyes.

A month later, in a wild storm, Ross was tipped over the side. The ceasg caught him in a trawl and dragged him to the seabed. When he opened his mouth, bright bubbles rose from it, and the ceasg leaned forward to kiss him with mint on her lips.

Minch – a sea strait off the north coast of Scotland

ceasg – a mythological Scottish creature, half salmon, half human

trawl – a trawler net


Craig Sorensen said...

A sort of sexy Scottish legend. I love it.

And I always love learning more of your unique Scottish lore and language.

Did I ever mention I have some Scottish blood in me? Clan Macgregor, to be specific.

Please keep exploring those colors Nikki.

Nikki Magennis said...

Aha! An Macgregor, bejaysus!

I think 'Scottish blood' means fine malt whisky, doesn't it? Personally, I'm one fifth Macallan. ; )

Craig Sorensen said...

Personally, I'm one fifth Macallan. ; )

Ay! I think we may be related!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Mmm ... I can really taste her minty kiss.

If you quizzed us on this story, would that be an exsalmonation?

Nikki Magennis said...

You mean - when I check to see you haven't got any salmon in your pockets? Yes, of course!