Friday, July 04, 2008

# 2

Phh. The kids next door are having a screaming competition. They do this most mornings, but today I think the builders working outside with flame torches and angle grinders have inspired them to really test those high-pitched vocal chords to the limit.


In real joyful news - 'Madrid' and 'Sweets' will be appearing in Frenzy, edited by Alison Tyler, featuring 60 wee short-shorts out in November.

I love flash. Sweet little mouthfuls of prose. Here's a 100 word hidden flash, just for those of you reading the secret entries:


As my skin thins and my breasts sag, will you love me, still? As my hair turns more salt than pepper, as lines criss-cross and liver spots dapple my hands, will you?

The fickle mirror reflects a stranger – but I still recognise you. Your ineffable, awkward grace.

I picture us in a distant, quiet room with sunlight falling in. I’m kneeling in front of you on creaking joints, sucking your cock into my mouth, caressing it with toothless gums.

The photographs of the future bleach white as we fuck, slower and slower while the light fades around us.

Copyright 2008 Nikki Magennis, all rights reserved


Jeremy Edwards said...

Beautiful, beautiful flash, Nikki, in bleach-white letters!

And I'm excited that we're in Frenzy together! (But I shall try not to shriek so loud as to give you a headache.)

Nikki Magennis said...

Thanks so much, Jeremy!

And yay, I'm so glad we're sharing pages! Shriek away - I won't hear it over the din. The (bigger) kids are now playing ball against the window.

Craig Sorensen said...

Awesome flasher, Nikki. Magnificent.

Nikki Magennis said...

Thank you, Craig! I think I missed the word target by 2 though. Will give it a new title ...

dea said...

I loved this. Loved it.

Nikki Magennis said...

Thanks dea!